Russian Hacking Highlights CIA, National Security Trust Deficit

Donald Trump and his largely unexpected victory over establishment-favorite Hillary Clinton has been made the focal point of an alleged plot by state-sponsored Russian hackers to intervene in the 2016 Presidential Election. Although the actual impact of any attempts by the Russian government to skew US elections with strategic, one-sided releases of hacked documents and public misperceptions is likely no greater than those of biased media outlets, undue foreign influence on the US government is intolerable. With that in mind, this story has a great deal more to do with Vladimir Putin and America’s national security apparatus than the 2016 Presidential Election.

Accusing state-sponsored Russian hackers, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, of attempting to manipulate the 2016 Presidential Election results, with a “high degree of certainty,” is the CIA. Figures like Donald Trump have cast doubt on the credibility of the CIA’s assessment, which appears greatly based on speculation, but the American People long ago lost the trust and faith needed to simply accept the weakly supported conclusions of the CIA or any another national security agency. Due to the secretive nature of national security apparatus, critical mistakes, e.g. nuclear weapons in Iraq, and overreach, America’ national security apparatus has spent years undermining its own credibility and, therefore, its mission.