In the midst of pursuing happiness, people can feel sad at the same time.

Midst by Sakayudha

Have you ever imagined that when we are working on a normal day, we spend 8 hours a day, 8 hours of sleep, and the remaining time to make additional income or spend time with loved…

Social is a basic need, during this pandemic people will always create something new to continue to grow or survive.

Love is Universal Religion by Sakayudha

After this pandemic, the psychiatric hospital will be full of people.

That’s a joke from an old man that I’ve ever talked to and there’s many that I found along…

Take a bit look at Stoicism: The Art of Controlling Ourselves

“Mar” by Sakayudha

We live in a dynamic society, everything can change in a matter of short time. “Change” produces a variety of impacts in our lives including problems. I often walk alone on campus, I hear a lot of people complaining and blaming small things around them — even it’s petty.


Moving on is not difficult when we allow ourselves to feel new feelings

“Wider” by Sakayudha

What does ‘Moving on’ really mean in the context of a relationship?

That’s what was written when I tried to find an article that helped me to move on, I found it on Quora and someone named…

A broken heart can be so painful, even it’s only because of relationship.

“Adrift” by Sakayudha. Inspired by Aykut Aydogdu

A broken heart caused by many things, one of it is losing our loved one, most of us tried to forget all those painful feelings, but often we don’t know how and we didn’t realize that we…

We are driven by an invisible standard and it’s distressing

“Distressing” by Sakayudha

One day, I was hanging out to coffeeshop with my friend. She complained about her friend when she went to an internship at some company.

‘You know, I don’t like this girl. She has everything, she’s beautiful and her parents…

Geigo Sakayudha

Illustrator, graphic designer, and ex-barista. Love books and deep talk, if you also love traveling then we’ll become a perfect mate.

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