Communication, Awareness and Trust

The secret to have success working remotely

Who follow me knows how much I like the idea of work remotely, it is really working very well for me and I bet my chips that in a near future, much of the work done in the offices today will be produced at home or in coffeeshops.

But unfortunately not everything are unicorns and rainbows. In my case for example since I work in a company that not all employees work remotely I need to put a little bit of additional effort to keep me aware of what happens in the office.

After some time working remotely I realized the three main aspects that are necessary to have success working remotely, below I will share with you my way to get trust, improve communication and awareness through the team.


Today is not so difficult keep the communication remotely since there are very good tools to help us with that like Skype, Google Hangout, Slack and others, basically divided in two categories, chats and video calls.

Both kind of communication are very important and I would like to tell you how I use it.

For chats, I usually create three channels:

Coffee Machine: this one is destined to off-topics, funny links and wherever topic not related to the job.

Team name: this one is destined to contents related to the Team members.

Project Name: this one is destined to contents related to the projects product.

And the video calls are very well suited to scheduled meetings and every time I need talk with one of my colleagues face to face.

Awareness and Trust

Obviously that awareness and trust is not only necessary working remotely but for sure that when the team are not able to check if you are really working, it could bring some worry if your work will be done in time. Therefore, keeping your team updated about what you are doing and the progress is very important.

Usually the company provide some tool where you can fill this kind of information but in my opinion it is not enough, you need send emails or use chats to talk with your colleagues at least 2 times in a day.

Finally, always delivery what you have committed to do and in case you face problems don’t hide it, instead, share it with your colleagues so they can help you or at least, in case you need more time to finish the work everyone will know the reason.

Keep the team aware of what is happening with you is the secret to get trust.

So folks, I really would like to know from you, your thoughts about that and if the mentioned ideas above have helped you to improve the results working remotely as helped me.

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