A no-nonsense quick guide to Corporate Innovation.

Note to self on setting the foundation for a new business endeavour.

Be helpful. Fuck haters. Throw fireballs.


  • We only work on things we are passionate about.
  • We are here to pursue work that matters, to make the world better.
  • We believe that doing good is also good business.


  • We build best-in-class products and have fun along the way.
  • We keep it personal, talk eye-to-eye and always to-the-point.

You can’t outwork a bad strategy.

“I should a/b test these button colours.” #no

Learnings from once building a niche patient community online.

1st result for “community” on Google Images. Nailed it!


Authenticity is key. Keep it real and stay personal. Build a voice and tone guide that reflects how you talk and act.

How to kickstart your battle against a life on mental auto-pilot.

You’re holding the remote control, but are you really in charge?

7 email newsletters that will give you a head start to awesomeness.

Some dude reading amazing, incredible, badass stuff that no one else can think of.

Mark Manson

If time is money, why do you give it away so easily?

Don’t worry. You’ve got time. Right?

But having a lion on your side isn’t such a bad idea.

There’s a successful tech product waiting to be discovered behind every c-level name tag.

Are you creating truly useful products or just pushing pixels?

Lasse Gejl

Product designer, executor and angel investor. Co-founder of GoMore.

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