Farewell to my startup

A founder passing on the torch on Product Management.

Three years ago I co-founded the GoMore you know today together with Matias and Jacob, and it’s been a blast. But - every great ride comes to an end. I’ve decided to leave GoMore as an employee.

We started out as a successful Danish ridesharing startup, quickly adding peer-to-peer car-rental followed by car-leasing, with aims to provide a one stop car sharing solution throughout Europe. It’s progressing extremely well, and we’re now 40+ employees in 5 European markets helping more than one million members share cars in simple ways.

GoMore is emerging into a grown-up business, and therefore it’s time for me to pass the torch on Product Management to someone with less of a gunslinger attitude, who can help the company to the next level.

Our platform will always be user-centric, and the product will never not need adaption and improvements. But the near future will focus on scaling our services in new and existing markets, thus moving away from super fast agile product development.

My work as product innovator and executor at GoMore is pretty much done, although I will continue throwing in my two cents as an active shareholder.

It’s been a real pleasure working with the team we’ve build. While scaling I learned that getting the right entrepreneurial people onboard is key to not loosing speediness and keep company culture on the right track.

I’m especially proud of the energy, quality and culture our distributed development team bring to GoMore each day, and working with those guys is the thing I’ll miss the most when pursuing new things ahead.

I do not know which endeavour I’ll throw my love and energy at in the future, but I’ll take some time off to decide my direction.

Maybe you have an idea?

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