Mashup the startup

There’s a successful tech product waiting to be discovered behind every c-level name tag.

Corporate organizations often have a hard time attracting people to innovate and expand within digital areas. Today’s tech talent is in love with startups. They frown upon the established, the experienced, the profitable.

And for good reason. Large organizations have structural challenges. They can’t get stuff done, because they are unable to take quick decisions. They lack speed.

But established organizations have something most startups don’t:

  • Business insights that highlight challenges no outsiders know of
  • Existing clients and distribution power

Combining these advantages with a startup mentality create superb opportunities for building products that impact business.

An innovative organization needs to be fast, nimble and responsive. That’s why startups are able to move fast and ship things.

This means removing numerous stakeholders and people protecting core business, so that the team have freedom to take quick and less risk-managed decisions. Often based on emotional arguments.

If you’re able to remove the constraints of BigCo you’ll have tremendous chances of creating successful tech products within or on the behalf of a large organization.

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