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Jon, please don’t drag Hillary into this. She takes money from Saudi Arabia, a country we should basically sanction for their human rights violations. They teach their youth to hate. And when I say teach them to hate, I’m talking hate with extreme prejudice. They are the breeding ground for violence towards gay people, and just about everyone else who does not hold their religious beliefs. And they are the breeding grounds for extremist factions like ISIS. They’ve set social evolution back a good solid century, if not longer. The same could be said for a good majority of those middle east countries. Religion was good for our survival centuries ago, but it is now running counter to our evolutionary needs.

Yes, we are stronger together, but Hillary and Obama divided this nation along ideological, religious, and racial lines. All of this runs counter to our core evolutionary needs. We just need to work together. Evolutionary change is a very slow process. You can’t force, but you can coerce it in a subtle manner.

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