Gekko Plus is live

Mike van Rossum
2 min readMar 3, 2019

The moment has finally arrived, we are now publicly launching Gekko Plus! Gekko Plus allows you to run premium Gekko Strategies on our cloud platform. No need to install anything or write any code! Simply pick any strategy created by third-party strategy creators from the marketplace, configure and tweak the strategy to your liking and press start.


If you want to use Gekko Plus you will need to get a subscription. There are two different plans: a “lite” plan for the casual crypto enthusiast and a “full” plan for the serious algorithmic crypto trader! Both plans have different limits and pricing.

Check them both out on the pricing page.

Slow rollout

To make sure everyone will have a great Gekko Plus experience we will be limiting new users. When trying to buy a subscription you might be met with a message stating that you won’t be able to buy just yet. If you are not able to buy right now, we will send you a personal invitation as soon we are ready to accept more users.


While launching our Strategy Creator Center last month we introduced some automatic checks all strategies need to pass constantly in order to be listed in the marketplace (read more about those here). These checks make sure that our users only get strategies of the highest quality. While more great strategies are being uploaded constantly by strategy creators, we are currently backlogged in approving them. As such only a few strategies from the contest last December are currently listed in the Market Place. We will clear this backlog as soon as possible to offer you more strategies.