Us vs Them

Gelani Banks
Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

It’s been a little while since Jordan Peele’s horror film “US” has come to theaters and of course being a medium for African American finance, it’s inevitable that I spend a few minutes talking about the movie.

Gabe Wilson (played by Winston Duke) seems to be a well put together African American man. He drives a Benz and appears to have gone to Howard, a very prestigious Historically Black University. However, He has one problem. He keeps comparing himself to his friend Josh.

Josh has a better boat, a newer car, and a bigger house.

Most of us have friends that have something bigger and better but to dwell on the major differences will only keep us broke. Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t only real, it’s almost a disease. Your neighbor gets a new car and you feel you need to do the same. Your friends pick a different and more expensive daycare and we feel like we have to one-up them and send our kids to a private pre-k when we never had intentions to do so before

Everyone is trying to outdo the other person and it all leads to someone being broke. And because we as Black people don’t make as much on average and have a lower net worth, it’s going end up being us.

If we can learn anything from the movie it’s that sometimes other people can be our worst enemy but if we really pay attention it’s ourselves who are holding us back.

Let’s Educate ourselves to be better so we can stay In the Black


In the Black is a financial phrase meaning making money & more specifically not losing money

Gelani Banks

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I love to teach others about personal finance.

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