Durable Headphones For Schools

Ekaterina Dmitrievna
2 min readJul 27, 2016

Picking headphones can be the most difficult task. With so many brands, so many specifications, so many reviews, choosing the best and the most durable headphones for school can be a very daunting task. Back to school periods can be very tasking, especially when shopping for supplies and accessories, headphones or ear buds, Bluetooth or otherwise being a big part of it.

There are a few things you should considering when considering headphones.

· Do not stay with cheap headphones if you want to experience music at the optimal level. Whether you are moving or stationary, impeccable sound quality should be priority. You get what you pay for, always remember that. More expensive headphones will probably be made by high quality material which in turn means higher quality output. $50 headphones may sound great, but $100 headphones would most likely sound way better.

· Sound isolation is very important. You should be able to get headphones that naturally block out external noise. What is the point of headphones when you have to turn up the volume at the slightest need to drown the chatter coming from the crowd?

· Frequency range is paramount. The higher it is the better. Usually between 10Hz to 25,000Hz. Higher frequency means higher music detail. You will hear the chimes, the chings, the boom, the guiter strings etc. Lower frequency headphones means you will hear only the basic sounds, now where is the fun in that?

· There are a lot of durable headphones for schools, which one to choose is what I am trying to help you with. Nothing beats testing them out. Your ears can be the best judge of fantastic headphones. It also depends on how well your ear is trained to recognize music and sound. I personally believe we all have a natural instinct and if you try a multiple of them, you will be able to tell which sounds best.

· You should also not that if you listen to MP3’s regularly, then high quality headphones are going to be a waste of money as you are trying to listen to detail that isn’t there in the first place. MP3’s are usually super compressed, and you know what compression does to music and sound quality don’t you?

Warning! If you ever use high quality headphones, you will never be able to go back to the regular. It will be too disappointing and depressing. You can get high quality and durable headphones for schools here http://www.encoredataproducts.com/bulk-quantity-disposable-headphones/



Ekaterina Dmitrievna

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