G700: Revolutionary Flashlight of the Future

All of us at some point in our lives have admired flashlights as a very useful tool for recreational and emergency cases, but as the time passed flashlights weren’t evolving like every technology and they got boring. Why use a flashlight when you have a mobile app that has all the exact feature that a flashlight has.

True fans of flashlights have been waiting for a flashlight like the G700 their entire lives and now after Lumitact(company that manufactures G700 flashlights) finally drops contract with the US army the revolutionary flashlight of the future is finally available on the market.

What makes G700 different from other flashlights?

Few days ago a test was made by theg700flashlight website to determent the difference between G700 and other available flashlights on the market. The first major difference is in the lumen power which makes every flashlight unique. On average flashlightswhich are almost the same price as the G700 Flashlight the regular lumen power is from 250–400 lumens, on the other hand we havethe G700 flashlight with 700 lumen power that makes this flashlight the most powerful on the market.

Revolutionary LED technology within G700

There are flashlights on the market that have up to 1000 lumen power, but none of them transmit the entire light on one place which makes those flashlights to not show their entire potential. The developers behind the G700 flashlight have integrated a revolutionary LED chip which transmits the entire LED light power of 700 lumens into one place. This revolutionary LED technology ispatent by Lumitact and can only be used in Lumitact products.

Long lasting battery power

For any device that is operating with batteries only, the battery power is crucial problem for that kind of devices. Since every flashlight is operating with batteries only the number one enemy of flashlights is batteries. Maintaining a powerful flashlight like the G700 is very expensive especially if you are buying batteries every week, but with the revolutionary G700 LED flashlight you problems are over. A rechargeable option is integrated into the flashlight which means that you will need to buy only one time 3 Double-AAA batteries and you are set for the entire life.

G700 special features

Depending in what kind of circumstances you what to use the G700 you have to be prepared for any kind of situation. Features on the G700 LED flashlight provide you with all necessary modes for you to feel safe in the environment that you are in. The G700 comes with 2 modes that each mode has 5 sub-modes.

Focus mode

This modes is mostly used in cases of emergency or when you want to show others the brightness of the flashlight under those circumstances you have 5 pre-set sum modes: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. The strobe mode is mostly used for self-defense purposes and are it is very dangerous please use it only in life threating situations.

Telescoping modes

If you are an outdoor man than one of the most important things for you is to have a flashlight with a telescoping mode. The telescoping mode on the G700 flashlight comes with 5 pre-set sum modes that can reach distance of:

· X1

· X250

· X500

· X1000

· X2000

For more info you can check out the Examiner.com’s story on G700: The flashlight of the future

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