Auto-refinance your debt position between Maker, Aave & Compound to avoid getting liquidated

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Gelato ❤ Instadapp

Instadapp and Gelato are joining forces to release Instadapp Actions, a new service that is being rolled out today to Instadapp’s nearly 25,000 users and counting. As the first use case, users will be able to enjoy automated debt refinancing between various DeFi lending protocols to prevent costly collateral liquidations.

As one of the world’s most advanced decentralized crypto assets management platforms, Instadapp aims to make complex cross-protocol transactions simple and seamless. Up until today, Instadapp has managed more than $500 million crypto assets across leading protocols like MakerDAO, Aave, Compound, and Uniswap.

We all know that the crypto world…

Last September Gelato sponsored 1,200 USD in prizes at the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon. We want to thank Chainlink and especially Diana and Patrick for this opportunity and their support and we want to especially thank all the hackers, who submitted code to Gelato’s bounty. Using Gelato for the first time is still a very steep learning curve unfortunately and we apologize for the lack of proper documentation. We are working on it!

Yes, we are a bit late with the Gelato Prize Winners announcement, unless you watched the official Chainlink hackathon closing ceremony in the live stream last week…

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This week we partnered up with the Team from HAL, to help them integrate Gelato’s automation protocol for a sweet new use case:

Automatic CHI Gas Token accumulation when gas prices are low.

To get started, all you need to do is visit HAL, connect with Metamask and create an account. Then you specify your Gas Price Trigger, e.g. 20 Gwei below the current average gas price. This is the condition under which you want your CHI to be automatically minted and sent to your Metamask account.

In the same transaction, simply submit some ETH as deposit on Gelato to…

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Gelato enables developers to quickly build automated dapps, without having to worry about building, deploying, and running the necessary bot infrastructure to support it.

Gelato Network is an infrastructure of bots with a simple, audited on-chain API that allows developers to build virtually any kind of automated dapp.

Dapp automation encompasses any kind of automatic smart contract function execution, such as buying ETH every week, automated yield farming, or placing a simple limit buy or sell order on a DEX like Uniswap, for example. What tasks shall be automated is entirely up to the developers imagination.

Using Gelato to automate…

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Why Gnosis Protocol x Gelato?

Gelato enables users to submit transactions that will only be executed, if certain conditions that the user pre-specifies are met. Gnosis Protocol (GP) is a permissionless DEX that enables a new mechanism, called ring trades, to maximize liquidity, which is great for illiquid tokens. We thought it would be cool to combine these two, to provide users with a much improved UX when swapping tokens on GP.

Solving the issue of asynchronous protocols with Gelato

Currently swapping tokens on GP has several UX challenges due to its nature of conducting token swaps in batches that last several blocks. Users have to wait quite some time in order to…

Walkthrough — Swapping 10.000 DAI for WETH every 60 minutes on GP:

1) Visit

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2) Click Connect Wallet and log in via Metamask

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Gelato Network is now live on the Ethereum mainnet, providing developers with the tools to quickly build & deploy their own automated applications. A key part of making the Gelato Network function with high reliability is our integration with Chainlink, the market leading decentralized oracle network, for built-in access to its Fast Gas/Gwei Price Reference Oracle.

Through Gelato, users will be able to specify the gas price conditions under which their automated transactions will execute. For example, developers can program the smart contract to auto-execute trades for any gas price and/or halt the automation of trades if gas prices rise…

From Alpha to audited V1

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From to

In February 2020 Gelato published its Alpha release. The alpha hid away most of what Gelato actually is meant to be behind a Web Interface, which meanwhile has been deprecated. This early phase showcased how Gelato can be leveraged to equip end-users with their own IFTTT-like Ethereum bots that can execute arbitrary actions on their behalf, in just one or two transactions, without them needing to write a single line of code. For many users, this opened the door to a new kind of decentralized app usage — an automated, yet fully non-custodial one. …

A manual for

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On you can get your own Ethereum bot and submit Instructions to it

Quick Recap:

What is gelato?

- “Your personal Ethereum bot.

Gelato is your personal Ethereum bot that will execute and automate transactions for you, in accordance with instructions and allowances prescribed by you.

Why do I need a gelato bot?

- “Be woke, not broke.”

You, the mere human, cannot always be online and connected to Ethereum, in order to transact just when the Conditions (market, price, account balance, time …) are right.

So why not have your own bot do the manual work for you? …

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We’re happy to shine a spotlight on gelato, a team supported by the Gnosis Ecosystem Fund. Their newest product, gelato finance, offers its users to create a personal bot that automatically interacts with their favourite applications on Ethereum, without requiring users to write a single line of code. Try their alpha release today at, and be sure to join the gelato Telegram community chat for the latest updates.

Smart Contracts Are Lazy

Ethereum users often get the false impression that some decentralized applications function autonomously, when it’s actually the work of organizations running bots in the background which creates the illusion of automation…

Gelato Network

Ethereum’s Automation Protocol

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