Every day, the demand grows for tools to be built for DAOs which are slowly replacing traditional companies in coordinating and financing projects in the crypto industry and beyond. One of the most important aspects of DAOs is treasury management, yet today, the tooling available to execute simple tasks, for example, the salary payment of DAO contributors, is a primitive and time-consuming endeavor that requires manual coordination on a repetitive basis.

That is why Parcel, the treasury management application for DAOs on Ethereum, has integrated Gelato’s automation protocol to automate recurring payouts for DAOs and their contributors.

How Parcel will…

What really happened to the Dolphin Pool?

Dear Gelato Community,

Gelato’s public token sale was completed yesterday. First of all, we’re thankful for everyone who participated, and we’re truly humbled by the amount of interest and requests we have received.

We are well aware that many of you suffered from an unexpected experience during the Dolphin Pool phase of the token sale. You have been posting comments — we hear you, we’re privileged to have many passionate members like you, and thank you for letting us know about your concerns. In the past 12 hours, we’ve been investigating the issues. Thanks for being patient during this time.

Reaching an all-time high with nearly $400 million locked in its protocol, Spooky Swap has become the #1 ranked Fantom dapp in TVL. In June 2021, SpookySwap became one of the first AMMs to natively integrate limit orders that are powered by Gelato automation. It has been proven useful months later with SpookySwap users being able to buy the dip at every turn. Reflecting on our progress, we spoke with SpookySwap founder EerieEight on his experience with Gelato and what he hopes to see in the future.

How did the SpookySwap team become involved in building in the blockchain space? What are you working on now?

We are all professionals in our respective fields outside of crypto. We got…

Instadapp is a DeFi powerhouse that ranks 4th in TVL with $12 billion locked in its protocol. As one of the first dapps to utilize Gelato Network, Instadapp has been able to leverage the power of automation in a variety of ways including protecting Maker vaults, bridging AAVE positions across chains, and using G-UNI for their liquidity mining program.

Looking back on the progress, we spoke with community manager Steven Zapata, better known as ‘Seb’, on the value that Gelato and Instadapp have created for users.

How did you become involved in building in the blockchain space? What are you working on now?

Instadapp was started in ETH India 2018, at the time Sowmay and Samyak were…

Since last Monday, users of Polygon’s original AMM and most popular decentralized exchange, QuickSwap, can now execute limit orders natively here. Gelato has partnered with QuickSwap before to deploy limit orders. However, until now they were only available via Sorbet Finance, performing thousands of transactions since its inception. Now users no longer have to leave QuickSwap to get the same reliable limit order experience.

Native limit orders are quickly becoming one of the most requested features in DeFi. Yet to date, even AMMs such as Uniswap still offer no native Limit Order capability in the pure sense on their own…

Starting now: Your chance to apply for the $GEL token sale whitelist

Updated on August 22, 2021: The whitelist application form is now closed.


  • The $GEL Token Sale will happen on September 13th, 2021
  • Only whitelisted addresses will be able to participate. In order to apply for the whitelist, submit the official application form (Update: The whitelist application form is now closed.)
  • The whitelist will close very shortly after reaching 10,000 successful applications
  • From these 10,000 applications, only 5,000 will be invited to complete the KYC process
  • Only individuals that successfully completed the KYC process will be eligible to participate in the token sale
  • For a list of countries that cannot…

As automation of smart contracts becomes necessary for DeFi protocols on all chains such as Polygon, developers are looking for reliable solutions to outsource all their web3 devsOps needs to focus their scarce developer resources on what is truly important to them, their core product. Ever since Gelato released its smart contract Poker to automate arbitrary smart contract functions, developers across chains have been able to utilize it for various operations.

We are excited to announce our latest partner to join the Gelato family — the agnostic DeFi Yield Optimizer ETHA Lend that is abstracting complexity to provide its users…

DeFi is an interconnected system of money legos that is becoming ever-more complex. Those projects with a keen eye find opportunity amongst this complexity and optimize the experience for all users involved. That is why Gelato is excited to collaborate with one of the most innovative projects on Polygon, QiDao, to automate the compounding of Aave market yield tokens.

QiDao is the native overcollateralized stablecoin of Polygon that offers 0% interest for utilizing the platform and counts $87 million in TVL. Users lock collateral in order to generate MAI (miMatic) stablecoins. Last month, QiDao debuted yield-bearing collateral vaults allowing users…

When it comes to scaling a gaming platform with an ever-growing number of users, along the way, needs will arise that will call for an automated solution. That is why Seascape (Seascape Network) has tapped Gelato to become its underlying automation infrastructure as they grow to bring decentralized gaming to the masses.

Seascape is the next-generation gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain to build an incentive-driven protocol where users can earn while they play. …

Liquidations are preserved by many as a painful yet necessary component of lending protocols, when in fact they are a crucial part of the lending mechanism and one of the leading growth engines for achieving better capital efficiency in the entire DeFi ecosystem. Protocols have deployed strategies such as building a gas auction system or keeping dedicated keepers on payroll, but what if there was another way that users could benefit from? B.Protocol has created a system that incentivizes liquidity providers, rather than bots and miners to liquidate undercollateralized loans within decentralized lending markets. In order to assist with the…

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