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Feb 14 · 3 min read

This platform adopts a smart contract system in conducting transactions. Smart contracts are used to carry out BTV transactions based on the Ethereum open software platform. This smart contract uses blockchain technology that can allow developers to create decentralized applications. The smart contract concept was first implemented by the Ethereum platform using a scripting language so that developers of this platform can make smart contracts by utilizing the power of modern programming languages.

This smart contract allows computer protocols to verify, facilitate and ratify contracts without involving third parties. So that this provides benefits in the form of reducing the costs to be incurred by users when conducting transactions that are usually enforced due to the involvement of third parties.

BTV tokens can be offered in the pre-ICO period. The results will be used by this platform to develop its performance and ensure a successful ICO. This platform serves pre-ICO until the total amount of funds collected is US $ 330,000. Therefore, the founding company of this platform cannot guarantee that all users who are interested in bidding can participate in it. Investors who want to participate in pre-ICO must register first through the platform’s official website, to get an account and then be able to invest using Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum tokens (ETH).

All investors participating in the pre-ICO will receive a bonus of 40%. If an investor makes an investment of 10 BTC in pre-ICO, the investment value will be considered to be 14 BTC as the amount of BTV tokens to be given to the investor.

The main vision of BitValve is to make this platform the largest platform in the world for the P2P digital currency exchange process. to realize this vision, they focused on 3 main goals, namely to create an affordable global digital exchange container, easily, quickly and securely. Another goal is to increase customer confidence in the exchange of digital currencies through peer-to-peer technology and to provide digital currency owners the ability to efficiently trade their assets with an all-in-one solution. “.

The BitValve platform is trying to find a solution to the problems commonly encountered in the current digital currency trading system. The current exchange process is usually through a centralized or decentralized digital currency. In the centralized exchange of digital currencies, this process relies on third parties to help users carry out their transactions. Although in a decentralized exchange, no third party facilitates this process, so that interactions only occur between the seller and the buyer of the digital currency. But this system has weaknesses, namely relatively high costs, limited types of digital currencies that can be exchanged and not supported by applications for Android and iOS users.

Based on these problems, the BitValve platform offers several solutions considered as capable of compensating for these problems. BitValve serves currency exchanges at a cost of 50% less than other platforms. BitValve is also the only peer-to-peer exchange platform supporting the exchange of different types of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, and will be followed by other digital currencies for the next step. In addition, BitValve also supports the conversion of digital currencies into digital by providing a large selection of secure digital currencies.

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