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Apr 10 · 4 min read

One digital platform named Drife now contributes to enlivening the world of cryptocurrency through a centralized transportation service system. This platform supports an online-based passenger pick-up service system that can be ordered through an application on a smart phone. The advantages shown by Drife are that this type of service is the most recent among other digital platforms. While other digital platforms focus on service transactions using digital currencies, Drife has now developed new projects that make this platform a few steps ahead. They not only focus on creating the scope of transactions using cryptocurrency but also provide other services that are preferred, transportation services.

These advantages will provide greater opportunities for Drife to more easily enter the cryptocurrency competition market. Even with functions that are very rare but once needed this will bring this platform further and in line with other well-known digital platforms. The construction of this platform is certainly inseparable from analysis and case studies on the market. They not only collect and select problems that occur related to the transportation service system, but also in terms of exploiting the opportunities for popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The merging of both is perceived as a suitable combination and is very dangerous to the existence of rival platforms.

Various problems that are often faced by the community, one of which is the lack of public trust in this matter as passengers to the transportation services they get. This is related to the costs and services provided. To create a successful business, we certainly need to be able to maintain the trust of every customer who has used our services, such as ensuring that every customer feels proud and worthy of the service provided. Costs are perceived as one of the sources of user loyalty. Services that often apply high costs will certainly be abandoned by users even though the quality offered is also commensurate. People tend to think of cost efficiency at the beginning of the process and analyze the benefits. Through Drife transportation services, users will receive services at a more affordable cost. Apart from that, costing can also be known directly by passengers because this platform opens access for every group to know the details of financing a service. This will give trust from passengers to the transparency of the process.

User trust is also related to the services provided. This will affect the reputation of each service provider. If they are unable to apply certain criteria in serving users, then this will have a negative influence on the service provider itself. Passenger trust must be maintained as well as possible by the driver so that he does not do certain actions that can make passengers feel reluctant to return to using their services. Drife provides the maximum possible service to all passengers and ensures they will not get unwanted treatments from the driver. This platform will also make it easier for passengers to find out information about their drivers in detail.

For the driver, erratic income that does not reach the target is considered as the main problem faced. Those who work for a transportation service institution cannot enjoy the overall benefits obtained from the user’s hand. They must deposit it first to the central system to then be transferred to them according to the percentage of profits set out in the initial agreement. The percentage of profits taken by the company that owns the service usually increases. This is due to insurance costs, maintenance, and other types of fees applied. As a result, drivers lose some of the profits that should be theirs. This reduction in income indirectly will have an impact on each driver, especially in terms of improving welfare. Therefore, the presence of this platform at the same time provides the best solution to reduce the impact of the problem of obtaining these benefits. Drife empowers every driver under his network by giving them incentives every time they succeed in getting new drivers into this platform. The more drivers who join in Drife, the greater the number of driver members so they can create a driver’s social community. This community will later help to provide recommendations among fellow drivers and shorten the payment path so that the driver can get directly from the passenger.

As a solution offered by Drife, it is expected to be able to eliminate all or reduce the problems that are commonly encountered. This will greatly help each group to obtain services and get their own benefits.

For more information please click the link below:

Website: https://www.drife.one/

Telegram: https://t.me/Drife_officialchat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Drife_official

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