Binge and Purge: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

So, I am going to do Karaoke tonight, because it is Tuesday and I do what I want now.

I had some time to kill so my friend suggested I go to a chill cafe and write for my blog! Brilliant idea.

I am sitting at a Tiki Bar sipping a cocktail. They are blaring Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.” I may never leave this place.

Guys, why am I doing this?

Ya’ll know I quit my jobs and am just freelancing it with like no monies……..ummmm……

Donations are welcome!

Holy shit, they are playing Bowie’s “Let’s Dance!” Good decision, Grace. Good call….

I haven’t been doing too bad. I am making some decisions. Working just enough to pay bills. Enjoying my time.

My wallet hates me….I don’t know….maybe it doesn’t….

It’s totally not as uptight as it used to be.

Sooo I used to worry about money alllll the time. I was working a job dealing with huge corporate accounts and bills. Working a part time handing nearly $100,000 cash each shift.

I used to fret so badly about bills and saving and getting the fuck out of debt.

I’ll be honest with you all……I’m probably not the BEST person to give any financial advice right now.

However, I am really enjoying my life right now.

I never ever, ever, in a billion years, would think that I would not have a steady job for so long. It’s been roughly 2 months now, and all I’ve been doing is some odds and ends here and there. YES…..I am tapping into my savings. I’m sorry savings….but I need ya right now, baby.

There was a point when I was having some panic attacks, dreading the thought of not paying my bills or ever paying down my loans. I was getting upset with myself. “Like dude! You can get a job that pays you bank and pay that shit down!! Why aren’t you??”

I thought about it.

I thought about going back to a cubicle. Just to get a steady income.

I kept trying to find “get rich quick” whatever…..

Then I smacked myself in the face.

“Grace! Stop! This is the time to explore the things that interest you!”

I decided to gravitate towards the things that excited me instead of the money. Fuck the money. This world is so poisoned by greed and I’m over it. Fuck it!

But for real, the music here is awesome….

Okay, what were we talking about? Fuck the man! Right?! Yes!

Step one: say goodbye to that cubicle.

I hit a point where I was like, yes I DO need a job… least to feed and shelter me.

I did see a TON of jobs where I would work in an office, pay bills, make calls, make lots of cash flow. I was immediately depressed with this idea…..

I found although I was saving these job posts…I never applied.

I decided to take a look back into education. Surprise! I have a teaching degree! …… drama……soooo……that doesn’t count in the real world since it wants to crush all our young-ins creativity.

Poor kids. They need art and expression and they get grades and sports shoved down their throats. Nothing wrong with those two, but we need a balance people.

So guess what? I’m going to be directing a jr high play now! What?! I applied, and they hired me! Omg….that never happens!

Side note: I’m basically volunteering…..cause it pays no money….okay a little money……

At first….I was hesitant. I was thinking, I can’t live off of this. And I definitely can not. But….I have a few side gigs to supplement. And……I was getting excited about it!

Omg! Like what?! I am actually super excited to work with most likely snotty, obnoxious, and awkward middle schoolers!

A. I love theater.

B. I love working with kids this age, cause they are at such a pivotal age that theater is sometimes the best outlet for them to make it through.

C. I’m my own boss here!

The more I thought about it, the more…..I wanted to invest! And….the school is hooking me up with a substitute teacher gig! For the whole district! Again, not much money….but, I work when I want….and omg….for real people…’s like…..I’m contributing to society. Instead of corporate America.

It makes me happy. So my new motto is “Do what you want, and the money will follow.”

And if doesn’t… least I’m doing something I enjoy.

Next: activities!!!

Sooooo….I was like….okay…..if you could remove the money from the equation, what would you want to do?

Firstly, I have been super lazy since I haven’t had a steady routine. Okay, not really, but I don’t have a set run or work out schedule anymore.

So…..I want to work out. I want to learn self defense. I want to kick ass.

I did some research a long time ago regarding martial arts and self defense and discovered that Krav Maga was my best plan of attack.

I just did a simple search and found a Groupon for 10 Krav Maga classes for $25! What a motherfucking steal! Are you kidding me??! So of course I bought it! Imma be kicking ass soon! Don’t mess with the best!

I’m actually uber excited for this. Not only will it be a work out, but it is a very practical self defense course.

I also have been wanting to sing. I love singing. Hello…..I’m killing time right now before karaoke.

So…..I just did some Craigslist searches…..and will be auditioning for a funk band soon (as I write this Kacie and the Sunshine Band comes on with “That’s The Way I Like It”). Signs all around.

You guys are so lucky I’m at a Tiki Bar with positive vibes or else this could have been a very serious and somber entry. That ones coming, don’t worry…….

Anyways…..I am really excited about some of this stuff popping up in my life.

I’m excited that I’m taking it day by day and going with the flow.

I’m excited I’m not beating myself up about money.

Here’s what I have to say to everyone who is: stop! Just stop……

Life is not about the money….

As much as America and everyone wants to shove in your face that it’s all about the money…’s not.

Take a look around and find the things that make you smile. Find those things that get you excited. Don’t be afraid to jump into that arena. You won’t regret it. You won’t.

I can promise you, you will regret that you missed that show to work extra hours. That you skipped that night out with friends cause you were swamped with work. That you didn’t take that trip because you didn’t save what you wanted this month…..

There are so many ways to make fast cash in this world. There are so many ways to fill your pockets and buy the top of the line, but how many of those actually make you happy on this earth? Like truly and genuinely happy.

Life is short people. Find your happy place and fuck the rest.