Donald Rumsfeld, Tech Bro
The Nib

Brilliant!:):)I especially liked the first rums-monologue.:):)..

The war criminal as the cartoon correctly points out!:):)..

Problem is ,he wont be condemned just by comics.

We need a real International Criminal Court (not the farce we have now )to take over and do the job…prosecute all criminals like the Bush gang,together with the other international “helpers” ,(call me blair),those who are responsible for the state of our world today……All for the profits of their “friends”.

I say lets keep smiling ….and start hanging.:):).

#reconstruction !(yes after we bomb them they pay us to help them rebuilt what we destroyed….for their own good of course.And to liberate them from the bad dictators and install “Democracy”(the one that only those with lots of money have a vote.similar to the ancient greek one…hasnt evolve 3000 years now..but some still hope……..#not me.

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