How I Went From Newbie to Interning at IBM, NASA, & Medium in 1 Year
Lincoln W Daniel

good !One question i have ,is how much debt did you go into and how did you convince yourself about the ethical questions arising from working for multinationals that promote working standards that are non existent,and usually down to the goodwill of the one or the other boss??

And is it OK to work for CIA to mention one,an organisation that is suspect of different kinds of illegal and immoral activities(from creating dictatorships to torturing people),as long as you get enough dollars???

If this is the future you want go ahead without me (and hopefully lots more .)

Not everything is surface and illustrated pages.

There s poverty,suffering and most of it is caused by “people” like the ones that you ve gone through so much to offer your services to.

But i am just an idiot greek ,what do i know?

Best of success hopefully without hurting any other human on the planet…(i hear you say i m only doing my job!!Yeah right,sudden ignorance hits at the same time with the consciousness.

Then again,there will always be people to fill the places of the traitor,the sellout,the greedy and the inhumane,the torturer,the dictator,the violent pervert,the gun loving ass..Then again,one fact is unavoidable.Human rights have been around for so long that no person is justified to not think about can only ignore them at will…we all know s like the climate change…some(pretended) didnt believe it till few months ago..:):)(some still pretend not to)

If keep slaving for the bosses of your forefathers in the hope that you will have some of the leftovers from the rich man’s dinner table as reward,…well…

your choice.

our judgement(since you publicly advocate slaving and doing whatever it takes to become another debt loaded human under the control of those who soon will have you (and every body else) working for peanuts.


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