How to get your first job in Data Science?
Tomi Mester

I ve been on the learning curve of ML and Data Science for almost 4 years by now,and i ve always had in the back of my head the question:Who and why would employ a 55 year old at entry level jobs,when they can easily find 100s of 25 year olds to do exactly that.

Besides this,I ve kept on learning,and after several courses on line,projects and what have you,i m now at a position that i feel i could confidently undertake a position in a data science team.

What i was missing is what you provided with your article.I still wonder though ,how to go about applying for such a job?When i say 55,I feel i get out of the shortlist in a split second.After all the evaluators usually are a lot younger and as such maybve feel strange to have an old guy messing around in their workplace.I know i can reverse such views,given the chance.It is this chance giving i can not find!!:):)

In all,thank you for sharing .Regards


PS:If there is anyone out there who d like to take a gamble with me ,I guarantee them to be amazed,and satisfied they took the gamble.An appreciative employee can go a long way..:):)