How to Win without Making the Other Person Feel Like a Loser

“Competition is rooted in comparison. If you can compare, you can compete, and if you can compete, you can win. And when you win, there is no feeling quite like it.”

I remember reading those words after taking a Gallup poll in college and never feeling more understood, because to…

Why Hating to Lose Trumps Loving to Win in the Pursuit of Greatness

Hiring managers and sports scouts have long searched for a way to separate the good employees and good players from those that have the potential for greatness. To accomplish this, they often turn to a seemingly simple question.

What motivates you more, a love for winning or a hatred for…

I wouldn’t sell my seat on this rocket ship for the world

Why should any recent graduate in their right mind join a startup fresh out of college when only about 50% make it to year 5, and 90% of all startups ultimately fail? Wouldn’t it be safer to accept a job working for an already established company offering greater stability? …


Spend enough time working with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and you are bound to run into an issue with duplicate cells within your data. Whether through inaccurate data entry or myriad other causes, unwanted duplicates can range from being a minor annoyance to a critical issue. The ability to…

Garrett Elson

Austinite who loves fishing, Microsoft Excel, and Oxford commas. Writer for Illumination and Post Grad Survival Guide.

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