Body as Wonder

© Fig & Agave

A simple walk anywhere, has me agape. Which, I am told, is Greek, for Love. Or, to be in a state of wonder. For everything I see, from the undulations and swell of the Bay where we live, to the hanging gardens on the path as we walk, opens my heart and makes me gasp, often aloud.

© Fig & Agave

In this instance, it’s like looking at a festoonery of hair, or, the hanging gardens of the nervous system that drape through our body. Lines, tendrils, long threads of communication. Connecting all. Fine and subtle and sensitive, both vine and nerve. Both listening. Both captivating me.

© FIg & Agave

There is something about the way I see, or more accurately, the way I feel, that which I encounter in my environment, as visceral echo in my body, that is a sacred activism. Something that links me intimately with my surroundings, where I am part of the greater Whole. Something where my heart knows, I am One.

© Fig & Agave

Deep Blessings, 
Narelle Carter-Quinlan at Fig & Agave

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