Calligraphy of the Heart

© Fig & Agave

This beach. These waters. Washes of tides and tannin and soft green bodies of undulating pools. Etchings of water-sand that echo the interior of the chambers of the heart — a Calligraphy. I treasure our walks here each morning, and most afternoons. It is an opportunity to immerse in the deep breathing rhythm of the mother. Of Earth. An opportunity to be rinsed, and to step into the dissolution and communion of Oneness. Of wholeness. It is like stepping into music, into the formlessness of vibration. It is like stepping into All that we are.

We live by beaches, Glen and I. Wherever we travel.

And it feels like holiness.

© Fig & Agave

In these places, on these beaches, what whispers to my heart?

Blue expanses of skies, and red-river tea-tree tannin.
Swirl and swish of splashy waves as clear as gin.
Sun that burnishes my skin and pippie shells burrowing in wave-retreating sand. My beloved husband bringing me a huge bunch of oriental lilies to celebrate and honour our last week here in Coolum Beach. Lilies, the colours of this beach, in pinks and oranges and saffrons.

We make image after image. It is a practice of mindful photography. A daily communion with soul. It is contemplative, and it is healing. And, it is utterly transformative.

© Fig & Agave

What whispers to YOUR heart? Yes, I mean it!
Let me know in the comments below.

So much Love,
Narelle at Fig & Agave