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A lot is happening for Narelle and I here at Fig & Agave. Maybe it is the eclipse season we are experiencing. Maybe it is the air we are breathing here on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Perhaps we are approaching critical mass, as the loving and creative collaboration we embody every single day. In the end, I’m not so sure the ‘why’ even matters. What does matter is we feel and express always from this loving space we inhabit together. And the exciting part is the momentum that is growing and gathering daily.

Our creative collaboration is playing out on several fronts. We are currently working on two major writing projects. One is, Our Story, a memoir of how our love and travels came to be. There is also a photo book, Four Months — Three Islands, that is a record of our early nomadic, naturalist wanderings. Our online photo e-course, “Seeing with Fresh Eyes” begins August 21st. And Narelle will be launching her online course, “Movement Monastery” in late September. And there’s more.

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In early September our two months here on Waiheke Island will come to a close. It’s then back to Australia for three months at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. We will continue writing, photographing, and walking on the beach every day. Narelle will also be offering her “Yoga on the Move” private yoga sessions. Glen will continue his Photo-Mentoring sessions with clients online.

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There are also exciting plans in the works for 2018! The beginning of the year will find us in Hawaii, putting the finishing touches on our memoir. We will then be in Europe for an extended stay. We are in the process of scheduling workshops and retreats. Narelle will be leading workshops in both Yoga for Scoliosis & Back Care, and Dance & Movement Improvisation. Glen will be documenting these workshops and offering Yoga and Dance Portraiture. Together we will be leading Photography Workshops, and our new Creative Couples Retreats.

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Wow! And to think this all started last January in Honolulu! Life can be amazing when you live out of one suitcase without a permanent address. It all started by saying “Yes” to Love. Then dreaming and trusting completely, that the next step will always appear. And it does, always.

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All images are from Oneroa Beach & Palm Beach on Waiheke Island, NZ.

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