Our First Valentine’s Day

© Fig & Agave

This is the man whom I flew across the wide Pacific Ocean to be with.

The man for whom exquisite tenderness is a native language. Whose skin whispers stories that touch, and echo, my own. The man whose honesty pierces me, and whose penetrating gaze holds and challenges me to rise and be my best self; all the places I’ve conveniently swept into dusty corners, illuminated. This is the man whose spacious heart unravels into my own, and mine to his; hearts listening, joining, becoming One. In recognition and joy. Glen McKerrihan, I love you to the moon and back.

© Fig & Agave

My Dear Sweetheart,

I find it so synchronistic that, nearly to the day one year ago, you sent an email, knocking on my door for the first time. You asked if I had any thoughts on starting a photo collective. You obviously knew the path to my heart.

What began as an email conversation has taken many forms. At every turn, one of us asked the other, “Will you step up, here with me?” We both kept saying, “Yes.” All of this occurring across the wide waters of the Pacific, between your sub-tropic home in Brisbane and my high desert home in Santa Fe.

Along the way we created an artistic collaboration, that slowly morphed into the love of a lifetime. Our shared courage is of epic proportion. This same courage allowed us both to continue saying, “Yes, My Love.”

We finally met face to face for the first time in Honolulu, some five weeks ago. We both wanted it to be on neutral ground, and it is virtually half way between Brisbane and Santa Fe, again synchronistic. That’s just how we roll.

Today we have breathed the same air and slept in the same bed for over five weeks. We have surfed the waves that are any new beginning, and we keep waking up together, smiling. We have another five weeks here on the North Shore of Oahu. Then it’s onto the Southern Hemisphere, where we will no doubt, turn things upside down once more. And I would not have it any other way.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, My Love. I love you deeply Narelle, and look forward, to every one of our tomorrows. Your Glen, always.

© Fig & Agave

Narelle Carter-Quinlan and Glen McKerrihan at Fig & Agave