Tide Pools

© Fig & Agave

Tides pools make me gasp. Little worlds where I can easily spend a whole day, my skin slowly sizzling, completely mesmerised.

“What is it about tide pools?”, I’ve often wondered. Sure, they were my playground for my first seven years, but it’s a lot more than that.

Or is it?

© Fig & Agave

There is something womb-like about them. Little rock crevices and cracks and hidey-holes, often wee creatures; anemones, starfish, barnacles, or tiny shells. Secrets.

Things happen here.

And then there is the water itself.

Ahhh, the water. Inflow and outflow, sudden inrush of unexpected flush and gush and rush; a playful breath that catches and echoes my own. Delight.

Not to mention the colour! Water overlay-saturated ochres and rusts and deep shades of charcoal and purples. And then the most magic colour of all; turquoise. The colour of joy. The colour that sings “Home!”

What is it about tide pools?


Pure and simple.

Narelle Carter-Quinlan at Fig & Agave

© Fig & Agave
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