Waves and Sand

© Fig & Agave

They look so calm. Regal, almost. Grace in bodies.

Moments ago, they scrambled the rock effortlessly, shocking me.

For, in an instant, I saw their intent.

The seas have been jubilant, meaning, the waves have been powerful, large and unpredictable. The kind of blue-green muscularity that pounds tons of water into the sand.

The Australian in me is astonished at such expressions of oceanic vitality. On the beaches around south-east Queensland, I’m used to cheeky waves, waves that play with and rock you in the swell, carrying you with great whooping delight to the golden sand.

But, this is Hawaii. Winter, on the North Shore of Oahu. Famous for “waves”. And the water speaks a tongue I can only, at this stage, observe.

© Fig & Agavae

Even the sand is a different organism. Coarser. Deeper, somehow. So that I s-i-n-k down with each footfall. It feels like walking through snow. A completely different experience to walking on the fine grained close packed sands I usually meander along. And, this sand is sticky! When my Beloved first told me of this phenomenon I was, I will confess, somewhat disbelieving. Yet. Unless we wash off said sand, from our legs and feet immediately, the grains have fallen in love with our skin. Bonded.

So; what did these two do, effortless Graces incarnate?

They watched, considered. For a moment, one looked as if he may decline the leap. There is only this;

The rhythm of the wave. The calculated moment. The assessment of the channel in the sand. Immaculate timing.

Then: The Leap — with a backflip, no less! And we’re speechless at such audacity.

© Fig & Agave

Narelle Carter-Quinlan at Fig & Agave

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