Toyz Token V1 To V2 — The Hack Explained From The Creator’s Keyboard — PSA

Finally, to address the situation formally! Hello Crypto Family. I am Andrew Holness, creator of Toyz Token and King Coin (King Coin was not affected by the things mentioned in this article). I’ve bought this Medium account from Jahmal Warren as he was our biggest supporter and had the most followers due to articles written about my tokens and I needed to be sure it was written in my words and that it would reach our desired audience.

I’ve spoken and posted about this on all social medias but a formal statement on the events that have transpired the last couple months was never made. I would like to make that statement now and explain everything that happened in detail. I will not hold anything back, this will be blatantly honest and truthful as I always have been. If there’s one thing I have in this world, it’s my word and my honor and I won’t tarnish that. I need to speak about the Toyz Token V1 situation and explain why there is a Toyz Token V2 to anyone who hasn’t popped in on our socials around the time it happened.

On the 21st of February, 2022 I purchased an Android Box from Amazon. While setting the Android Box up, I had to connect my google account to the box in order to complete setup and download apps. When I connected my account to the Android Box, I had to verify that I was giving the box access to my Google account through my phone. I granted access, while downloading apps, I was asked to verify again that I was logging into a device, without paying enough attention, I granted access again. This second login was not the Android Box but someone maliciously trying to gain access to my account who somehow had my password (a Google password check after the fact informed me that my data was part of a breach and that password updates were needed for multiple sites, I was not notified of this breach and if I was by email, it had slipped by).

Without catching on, I went about my business the next day and started to notice my Crypto accounts were being drained, exchange accounts like Netcoins, Trust Wallet, TokenPocket, all my coins were being transferred to another wallet. I couldn’t understand how. Then I realized my own stupidity, in my Samsung Notes were my 12 words for most of my wallets! I know, you’re supposed to write them down and put them in a safe place, but who really ever thinks they’re going to be the victim of a Crypto hack? Very stupid on my part, yes, I had two Toyz Token donation wallets with 25 million each of a token that was worth almost a penny at the time, I should have been safer and more secure. It was an honest lapse of personal security but also a very sophisticated hack that I think was perpetrated through signing into the Android Box.

The morning of the 23rd of February, 2022, I awoke to notifications of the price dropping on Toyz Token so I went to go see. I saw that the wallet my Crypto had been transferred to was selling the tokens, I panicked and right away turned to our Telegram chat that was very active and let holders know the situation as I knew it. At the same time, I let Telegram moderators, Twitter and our FB page know the same information. I did not hide the fact that we were being hacked and people were advised and told not to buy the token as it was compromised! At no point did I ever hide the facts of everything that was going on, I let everyone know the minute I was aware that the tokens were being sold as this was not a part of the plan!

The hack announcement did not go over well and I didn’t expect it to, you invest somewhere and you expect the project to moon, instead it gets dumped on. The only thing is the dumping wasn’t done by me. Yes, I should have had my 12 words a lot safer and I know that now, but to threaten me and my family is going too far. If you invested in Cardano and ADA folded tomorrow, would you threaten the CEO there?

One thing about me as a person was that I was always there for every single question, every demand, every promise I made I kept and I’m still there for any queries or comments. I put my heart and soul into Toyz Token every waking moment since July 2021 to make sure that it would succeed and to have it ripped away in a second like that was brutal. Everyone needs to realize, they lost their investment into one token, I lost everything I owned in this hack and that wasn’t easy, so if at the exact moment it was happening, I wasn’t capable of handling the gravity of the situation, I’m sorry, but I’m human like you and make mistakes. No one was hurt more in this situation than me!

For those of you who call me a scammer and a liar and a fraud, if that were the case, why wouldn’t I have “rugpulled” it when we were at an all time high of 2.5 cents (25 Million Market Cap) or when we teetered in between 1.5 and 1.8 cents for a couple weeks? I waited until we were at 0.7 cents and said now’s the time? Would I put my name, my family and my life in danger over $5,000? If you think about it, it makes no sense. This was a super unfortunate situation that happened to my wallets and nothing more. No, I didn’t scam anyone, I lost everything, more than anyone else, some random IP address in Germany (if that’s even where they really are, VPNs) cashed out all of my Crypto, years of what I accumulated, not just Toyz Token. So please, stop the name calling, stop threatening, if you don’t want to be part of the project anymore, leave but threatening another human over a mistake isn’t right anywhere, especially not anonymously online.

I couldn’t figure out how to make it right to our investors as I was cleaned out so I couldn’t give everyone what they lost back. Toyz Token couldn’t be bought anymore as the hacker had control of the donation wallet that a percentage of every transaction goes into so he would have access to the tokens that ended up in there. But the token still had volume, people were buying low. I had to think quick and I came up with Toyz Token V2.

Toyz Token V2 was created with borrowed BNB as I had none, the liquidity was low but it was the only way I could try to make it right. I put the announcement out over social media that V2 was up and ready for purchase. I tried to correct everywhere our contract was listed with our new contract address. The only way I saw some sort of happy ending out of the hack was restarting the token with a V2. It fixed many of the issues that were preventing investors from investing in the first place. Instead of a burn we locked the tokens away in the contract so no tokens were ever burnt at launch, the contract paid out marketing tokens in TOYZ so we would have to sell the token for marketing and donations, we had renounced ownership so no changes could be made but we wanted to make changes to the taxes to give our holders more token redistribution. We were able to do that now!

With the original Toyz Token, if you weren’t early or missed out on the social media posts, we lost, some more than others, others a lot more than some. No one more than me. With Toyz Token V2 we can continue on the project and keep trying to help children around the world. Safer and more secure for myself and our investors, I will continue on with the plan, it may have changed the letters but still the same goal: $TOYZV2 will change the lives of children everywhere.

Toyz Token ($TOYZ) can still be bought and sold, I do still have control of the donation wallet but so does the hacker which means it turns into a race to transfer the tokens out from the donation wallet to safety. Not ideal. $TOYZV2 is the answer to this. Please don’t give up on the project, we made mistakes but I can promise nothing like this will ever happen again!

I’ve closed my toy store, Ivy’s Locker, that I owned and operated since 2018 in the last couple weeks in order to focus on growing Toyz Token and King Coin to the best of my ability. Cryptocurrency is the future, we’re early and we’re going to make it! I hope I haven’t deterred you from believing in our projects but no matter, we shall move forward. Destination: Moon!

$TOYZV2: 0x1e60ae187c646e4bd8ad18ca6d8c4a1254b29120

$KINGC: 0x01f8a66c184399cf22cfe38def6b14623b9cd79d



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