GEMERA Extends its Token Sale

Dec 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear GEMERA community:

Although GEMERA´s main sale was aimed to be over on December the 12th, we have decided to extend it until a new date to be announced. However, during this new period there will be no bonus.

The current highly bearish market was not fortunate for our numbers the previous months. For that reason, we expect that with the extensión of the main sale we can finally reach our soft cap by 2019. Besides, we truly believe this obstacle will turn out to be positive for the asset backed tokens, due to the transparency and security it offers for having a valuable support behind, which gives more confidence to investors, and that is the case of GEMERA tokens and the Colombian emeralds they represent.

On the other hand, we are waiting for the response of some private investors, who have shown interest on our project. This will definitely get GEMERA to a higher level.

However, December the 12th represents an important achievement for our project, considering that it determines our deadline to fulfill our road map to date, as can be seen below:

We want to thank to all the members of the community and all the GEMERA holders for having believed in us, as well as to our partners, emerald producers, who are confident that this project is promising and will continue to support us.

You are still part of the revolution of asset backed tokens, besides the fact of being part of the only project with real Colombian emeralds to support it.

We will keep you informed about the next news and achievements, and we will be open to any questions or requirements you might have.


Jorge Peláez




Written by


GEMERA ( is a crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds whose purpose is to connect producers and investors, through the benefits of blockchain.

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