GEMERA on the II World Emerald Symposium

Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read

The past October 14th GEMERA was present at the II World Emerald Symposium, in Bogota, Colombia, which gathered high-profile representatives worldwide of the emerald sector, to share their knowledge, through conferences and lectures, during three days.

Philippe Boland, Advisor at GEMERA and expert of technology, gave a lecture about blockchain technology and the tokenization of emeralds, where GEMERA, as the only crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds, was shown as a model in the matter.

Boland gave a brief explanation of the nature of the blockchain technology and gave a prediction about the important role of the tokenization of assets in the future of the financial system.

“By 2025 -he explained-, the projection of investment on cryptocurrencies will be of around $1 trillion, meanwhile the tokenized assets will be of around $4 trillion. The problem with the cryptocurrencies is the fact that they don´t have a backup. That is why projects like GEMERA, which are backed by an asset (in this case Colombian emeralds), are very promising”.

Philippe also announced that GEMERA will be listed on LATOKEN exchange from October 25th, and that is currently running a pre-sale period.


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GEMERA ( is a crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds whose purpose is to connect producers and investors, through the benefits of blockchain.

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