Essential air conditioning maintenance tips

Air conditioner is one of your many prized possessions, as it enables you to spend time comfortably within the confines of your home by keeping temperature at a desired level. However, it is an expensive to fix appliance, and hence, demands proper and regular maintenance. You can realize great savings and avoid untowardly experiences provided the Air Conditioning Maintenance tips provided below are adhered to religiously. So, go on reading and help yourself to a comfortable summer ahead.

Clean and replace the filters

Air conditioners contain filters that get dirty and clogged with time. The obvious consequence of a soiled filter is that the appliance loses its efficiency. Therefore, you must clean the filters or to replace a clogged or dirty filter to enhance the efficiency of the air conditioner and reduce your power bills. If a study is something to go by, clean AC filters result in the reduction of energy consumption approximately by 15 percent. When it comes to Air Conditioning installation in Sydney, some AC filters are reusable while others can only be replaced.

Remove debris

Leaves, dust and other debris gets accumulated on the exterior condenser/compressor of an air conditioner. As it interferes with the appliance’s performance, you are supposed to remove it from time to time. After removing the fan cage and lifting the fan grill, you can remove the debris using a wet or dry vacuum.

Consider the refrigerant level of your AC

Checking refrigerant level is one of the effective air conditioner maintenance tips. A level too high or too low is damaging for the appliance, as it robs the efficiency of the AC unit. Therefore, you require maintaining a balanced refrigerant level.

Cover your AC unit during winters

When the scorching heat of summers is gone and you no more require the precious services of your air conditioner, do not forget to cover it. This especially goes for the time when there are dust storms and winters. This simple step can protect your AC from the unwanted debris, which takes a toll of its efficiency and lifespan.

Maintain an appropriate level

Your AC unit requires an appropriate level, as it is a prerequisite for consistent performance and longevity. Therefore, make sure to check the level of your air conditioner while you clean it. If you feel the need of a professional help, you can count on a reliable service provider that offers myriad air conditioning services, such as services related to Ducted air conditioning in Sydney.

Check the coil fins

There are aluminum fins on the condenser and evaporator coils of an air conditioner. They require special attention for they tend to easily bend with time and start blocking the airflow. To restore them to their original condition is integral for the appliance’s performance. You can do the same by combing the fins with the help of a fin comb, which is easily available at all leading air conditioning wholesalers.

Examine the condensate drain

Before starting to use an air conditioner every year, inspect its condensate drains. It is essential, given the fact that plugged up drains can cause water wastage and can increase indoor humidity levels as well.

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