Can you please explain to me what I’m missing?
Traditional Tradesman

This 55 yr old Black woman says no to your question of blending in. I don’t want to be like the evil white woman or man. The universe made me african with dark skin, woolly hair, thick big lips, flat wide nose with a delicious big but, and strong arms. Since high school not knowing my african ancestors or my african heritage and not knowing my african ancestors were ripped from their natural habitat, I’ve never wanted to assimilate, ( I went to an all white schools). Now knowing my history and my heritage, I even more do not want to assimilate into any white culture. I wanna be me, myself, and I. I beam with Black african pride. Nobody should assimilate into the white culture. Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Brazilian, Jamaican, especially all of us Black people from whatever country we come from should and must love, accept ad beam with pride of who we are, that’s what makes us unique.