Common question to be asked to Gem dealer before Buying Gemstones

Gemstones are valuable and expensive entities. Hence to buy a rich quality certified gemstone a person need to spend lump sum amount of money. Therefore, prior buying these precious stone; one should ask few relevant questions to gem dealer or gemstone seller. At below we have tried to specify or list down all relevant and important questions which one should ask to a gemstone dealer.

Question: What is the origin of Gemstone?

Answer: Ahead of buying any certified gemstone one must ask this question about the origin of the stone. Knowing about the origin of a gemstone is extremely important because origin of stone is directly proportional to the quality of stone. Gemstone qualities are mostly being outline based upon their origin. For example, it is believed that Burmese rubies are rich quality of ruby gemstone. Hence it is more popular among people due to its quality feature. Similarly, Sri Lanka or Ceylon offers high quality of sapphire with less inclusions and more color options so people tend to buy sapphires from sri lanka. Thus, must ask questions to your seller about the origin of stone.

What is the grade of Gemstone?

Grading of gemstone greatly impact over the quality of a stone. Moreover, the price of stone also fluctuates with increase or reduction in grading of the stone. Primarily, a gemstone is graded based upon counting the number of inclusions which exist in gemstones. A standard grade stone possesses more inclusion and offer less transparency or clarity. Contrary to this, a premium grade stone will occupy rare inclusions and offer brilliant clarity. However, with reduction in number of inclusions the price increases because price and inclusions are in directive proportionate.

Is gemstone certified or not?

Before buying a gemstone you must ask about the certification of a gemstone. By certified Gemstone we mean a stone which is evaluated rigorously in laboratory by an experienced gemologist to inspect its quality. And based on the outcome he/she has issued certificate to a gemstone accordingly. Therefore, ahead of buying a gem inquire about the certification of a gem.

Are your stones authentic? What is its authenticity proof?

A genuine question which must be asked by a purchaser to gem seller is about the authenticity of gemstone. The authenticity of gem is a proof that gemstone is real and live upto the expectation of buyer. Additionally, ask him/her to show you authentic proof which will help you in deciding whether you should buy gemstone from him/her. Do not buy gemstone from a gem dealer who fails to provide you authenticity proof.

Have you performed any treatment on Gemstones?

Treatment means with intention of improving the physical appearance of a gemstone or mineral it is exposed to different artificial treatments such as heat treatment, oil treatment, irradiation, dyeing, coating and bleaching. The above mentioned treatment eventually succeeds in enhancing the color and physical appearance of a stone. However, during these treatments a gemstone losses its authenticity. Nevertheless, few treatments require in order enhancing the quality of gem, but in limited quantity. Thus, prior to buy a gemstone must ask your seller about the treatments performed over gemstone.

How many years you have been working in this field?

One should ask this question to gemstone seller and at his/her level do some research about the seller. It will assist a user to find about the authenticity of gemstone dealer.

Will gemstone provide astrological benefits?

If you are willing to wear gemstone to receive astrological benefits in that case you must specify this to your seller before buying a gemstone. Furthermore, seek advice of an astrologer and do not totally relies upon the gemstone dealer.

Does he/she provide any guarantee of Gemstones?

Before buying a stone ask you gemstone dealer that does she provide any guarantee for their products. And always give preference to those dealers who give you guarantee for their products. It display their confidence and belief for their product.

How many days will require for delivery?

Ask him/her that how many days they will take to deliver gem to you.

Do you charge any shipping amount for gemstone delivery?

Ahead of ordering a gemstone must clear that whether he/she seek any shipping charges for delivery or not for avoiding future problems.

What is their return Policy?

In case if you do not find product promising and upto the mark. You would like to get your money back in that case you must ask gem dealer about their returning policy. Always give preference to that gem dealer who provide best return policy and customer service.