Complete Guide To Yellow Sapphire Gemstone (Pukhraj Ratna)

Do you know the meaning of yellow sapphire stone? Many of us often hear about yellow sapphire stone from people around us. However, apparently most of us in reality do not know the meaning of yellow sapphire stone. Moreover, it is not exaggerated to say that most of the people who even wear this wonderful looking gemstone can’t confidently characterize the meaning of this stone. Thus, in order to clear the clouds read the meaning of yellow sapphire stone:

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is an attractive stone of light yellow color. The stone is genuinely mesmerizing due to its unique color characteristics and various cuts so that it generally draws the attention of each pair of eyes around it instinctively. Thus, by virtue of above context, it is not exaggerated to say that this stone is exceedingly being used by people, especially women, to embed classy yellow sapphire stone in various jewelry items such as engagement rings, wedding rings and necklace or bracelet. Aside from the above mentioned major usage of this stone. This gemstone is contemplated being the most auspicious stone among all available gemstones. The reasons that make this stone come forth in the herd of all gemstones is its association with the largest planet Jupiter


Jupiter is affirmed to be the largest active planet in the crew of all nine astrological planets. The comprehensive planet Jupiter is rewarded with the status of Teacher among all nine planets. Along with this the most important fact that makes Jupiter, planet one of the most important planets is due to its strong influential forces that are known to make predominantly positive impacts on the life of living creatures. Keeping the following line as the base, astrologers reward this planet being the most auspicious planet. The Jupiter Planet signifies wealth, luck, fortune, prosperity, marriage bliss etc..

How Jupiter is related to Yellow Sapphire

The Benevolent planet Jupiter as similar to other planet’s emits beam of light and prosperously yellow sapphire stone possesses the skills to capture the major portion of this beam of light which altogether makes this stone being the birthstone or the most significant stone of Jupiter. Therefore, the yellow sapphire stone encompasses the enriches powers of the planet Jupiter on earth and derive its power to aid in the favor of a person who adopts this stone. Hence, by virtue of above fact an individual who crave to extort the benevolent features of Jupiter in their lives can wear this yellow color stone.

What are the Benefits of wearing yellow Sapphire stone?

Being associated with the felicitous planet Jupiter the yellow sapphire stone endow infinite number of benefits to its wearer. Some of the main benefits or advantages of wearing this stone is mentioned below:

§ The yellow sapphire stone derives quick wealth for its wearer.

§ This stone brings luck and fortune in the life of its wearer. And, open sea of opportunity for their wearer.

§ The yellow sapphire stone is known to be the most benevolent or auspicious stone for unmarried girls as per holy books and scriptures. Thus, girls who are not getting married or not finding a perfect life partner can wear this stone.

§ This gemstone is also enormously benevolent for those individuals who are in depression and full of negativity.

§ Wearing this stone inject happiness and joy in your married life and family.

§ Individuals who are in government field or working in the field of accounting, writing, and acting can wear this stone since yellow sapphire stone help them to achieve great heights in their respective careers.

Does Yellow Sapphire Stone Good for Health?

According to Ayurveda the elegant looking yellow sapphire stone does not add to your physical appearance rather it aids in curing or combat against extremely serious diseases. See the list of diseases in which yellow sapphire stone proves helpful.

§ The promising stone yellow sapphire aids in healing problems related to bones, especially proves efficient to curb joint pain. Aside from this, this stone also works as an effective antidote for cough, piles and lung diseases.

§ If a person is suffering from Jaundice he/she can mix pukhraj powder with honey and take it with water that will aid in recovering from fever jaundice.

§ The yellow sapphire or pukhraj powder enacts as an effective antidote to fix diseases related to kidney. In order to get rid-off from Kidney related diseases a person can mix pukhraj powder with kewda water or screpwine essence that will aid in curbing this disease.

§ The pills of yellow sapphire or pukhraj works conventionally well in healing the following serious diseases such as heart diseases, cholera, blood related diseases, dysentery.

§ Those individuals who are having a foul mouth smell or bad breath can keep pukhraj or yellow sapphire piece in the mouth that will aid in reducing the mouth odor.

How to identify a real yellow sapphire stone

§ A real yellow sapphire stone encompasses the following characteristics or properties.

§ The real yellow sapphire stone seems heavy when it is kept on hand for a while. The real yellow stone appears crystal clear and the piece of the stone is large and without layers.

§ The real yellow sapphire stone is soft and glib. And, the color of the stone appears like the yellow oleander.

§ The color of fine quality yellow sapphire stone improves when it is being scrubbed against a wall or touchstone.

§ The stone which reflects two colors and contain a black smudge or colorless is regarded to be fake or synthetic yellow sapphire stone.

§ The high quality yellow sapphire encompasses extreme characteristics. It is being famously said about the real yellow sapphire that if this stone is scrubbed for a definite period of time may generate or lit up the fire.

Origins of Yellow Sapphire Stones

The captivating yellow sapphire stone is spotted in various parts of the world. Find out different origins of yellow sapphire stone.

Russia: Russia is considered to be one of the major suppliers of yellow sapphire stone in world. In Russia there are many mines from where this compelling yellow sapphire stone is found or originated.

Brazil: Brazil is known to originate the best quality yellow sapphire stone. The stones which are spotted from the mines of Brazil are light yellow in color. Due to its compelling features the stones that are spotted from this region of the world is considered being best looking yellow sapphire stone.

Rhodesia: In Rhodesia the yellow sapphire stone is occupied which is colorless and the quality of the stones is not quite encouraging.

Sri Lanka: The Ceylon or Sri Lankan yellow sapphire stone is world famous. The stone extracted from the mines of Sri Lanka are light yellow and flexible. Due to approachable price and surplus quantity of stones that this country produces hence it leads the market. People are fond of Ceylon yellow sapphire stones.

Which is the most auspicious day to wear yellow Sapphire Stone?

The yellow sapphire stone is related to benevolent planet Jupiter and Jupiter represents the Day Thursday. Hence, this stone should be worn on Thursday morning during (Shukla Paksha) to gain the incalculable number of benefits that are offered by the governing planet of this stone Jupiter.

In Which Finger Yellow Sapphire Stone should be worn?

The yellow sapphire the gemstone of planet Jupiter should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand to invite the surplus number of benefits that is being offered by this stone. Aside from this, from men right hand is considered best to adopt a yellow sapphire stone and women can wear this stone in the ring finger of the left hand.

Which is the most ideal metal to embed Yellow Sapphire stone in?

The stunning yellow sapphire stone should be worn with either gold or diamond ring. The stone should be embedded or fixed in the gold or diamond in such a manner so that it touches the skin of its user to channelize its powers in the life of a human being.

Price and Types of yellow Sapphire Stone:

The price of yellow sapphire stone varies as per the quality of yellow sapphire stone. On the quality parameter this stone can be categorized into the following four types:

Yellow Sapphire Standard Grade:

The standard yellow sapphire stone is light yellow in color. The stone possesses a large number of inclusions that can be visible to individual even bare eyes. However, the price of standard yellow sapphire stone is quite manageable and one can handsomely afford it. The price of per carat standard yellow sapphire falls between 800 Rs to 1000 Rs.

Yellow Sapphire Fine Grade:

The fine grade yellow sapphire stone is polished and contains a few numbers of inclusions and treatment in comparison to standard yellow sapphire. The color and shape of the stone look impressive and it is difficult to spot any inclusions with bare eyes. By virtue of its improvisation in quality the price of the stone increases proportionally the price per carat of fine grade yellow sapphire lies between 2500 to 3000 rs. per carat.

Yellow Sapphire Premium Grade:

The premium grade yellow sapphire stone is highly polished and it contains very few inclusions even the quantity of inclusion or treatments are so low that it is impossible to catch an inclusion with bare eyes. However, with the help of magnifier, one can spot a few inclusions. Due to its enthralling qualities the price of a premium grade yellow sapphire lies between 25000+ per carat.

Yellow Sapphire Super Premium Grade:

The super-premium grade yellow sapphire stones are best quality yellow sapphire stones. These types of stones are very near to natural yellow sapphire stone. These stones contain scarce inclusions that are impossible to spot with bare eyes. Nonetheless, one can’t even locate more than one or two inclusions with magnifier. Due to its quality parameters the price of super-premium yellow sapphire stone is on sky rocket. The price of yellow sapphire super premium is 30000+ rs. Per carat.

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