Lonely Boy

There’s a boy who lived inside a shell.

A lonely boy lived in a shell.

He wouldn’t come out

and refused to find out

what existed outside of his cell.

All he wanted to do was scream out.

He was trying to let a scream out,

but it shrivelled and died

so he held it inside

and he fed the dead scream to his doubt.

The walls of his shell are so strong.

The lonely boy’s shell is so strong.

He’ll keep punching the sides

of the place that he hides

but it’s not the place where he belongs.

The lonely boy wanted to cry.

He felt he had tears he could cry.

But men don’t cry tears,

they swallow their fears

so the lonely boy kept them inside.

Deep in the lonely boy’s shell;

Stone silence and pain made his shell.

He was put there by shame

and continuous blame

now he thinks he is stuck in this hell.

The lonely boy wants to be loved.

All he wants is to feel that he’s loved.

He is waiting his turn

for somebody to burn

down the shell and turn it in to rust.

The lonely boy’s finally free.

The shell’s finally letting him be.

He walked out on his own

and has found a new home

in the high growing boughs of a tree.

And how did the boy win the war?

Did the love come that he had wished for?

It was love for himself

for you must love yourself

before wishing for anything more.

So the lonely boy lives in a tree

he is making his home in a tree.

And now he’s so high

he can talk to the sky

and she’ll love him soon, just wait and see.

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