📅Date : 20th November 2021
🕐Time : 1:00 PM UTC | 20:00 (GMT + 7)
👉Venue : @cryptogemmouse
👤Special Guest : Tracy Hoàng - CMO of Hydraverse

Welcome everyone. Today Gem Mouse will host AMA with Hydraverse Official.
Today our guest is: @tracyhg from Hydraverse official.

▪︎ Tracy Hoang:

I'm Tracy Hoang - CMO of HydraVerse.

Currently, I'm also working at Chainos Solution - a Top 10 blockchain company in VietNam and this is where I teamed up with my partners and engaged in Hydraverse.
 Having the chance to work on this project is like a blessing to me. And It's my honor to be the guest of today AMA and can't wait to share more info about Hydraverse.

•Part 1 : Introduce project

Question1: can you explain a little bit about Hydraverse and what makes it different from another Project?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 We're proud that we do have some features to distinguish us from others project eventhough we're not the leader in the field:

This NFT Dragon racing game stands out from traditional racing games. Hydraverse combines Hydraverse is the combination of Dragon racing x 3D NFT x Metaverse in hope of creating the best satisfaction for our players.

P2E racing game with 3D NFT Dragons: Dragons are said to be legendary characters and people have always been tempted to once co-exist with them. We want to build a world where you can do more than that! Players can be involved in a wide range of exciting activities initiated by the concept of the NFT game, and experience #metaverse game.

Unique gaming activities: From owning only one Hydraverse dragon, you could join in countless gaming activities including breeding, training, racing, renting. Then together with your unique tactics in training and a little bit of luck, you could also join Hydracup to win the biggest winning prize than ever.

Blockchain technology applied in renting that makes us the fairliest system.

High-quality AR/VR Gaming Experience: Hydraverse is an incredible experience with AR/VR that won't let you down: you will be engrossed in the Hydra world with multi-dimensional characters & vivid objects including numerous different breath-taking terrains of race tracks, uncountable talented dragons with a unique power.

Question2: Can you please provide some information about your Roadmap and how is Mystic Warriors progressing so far?

▪︎ Tracy Hoang:

Yessssss of course ^^

Our very first step started in June, 2020. However, it was just when we came into an idea and created a detailed plan for our project. We are very careful and meticulous, so it tooks us a lot of time to get a plan as well as complete the concept, get ready for our IDO, main game release and other features in the most satisfactory way.
As you can see, we only start to build our community and Marketing recently, when our product is ready for users. Bet you all have been looking forward to the release of the very first metaverse P2E dragons racing game.

We're about to launch our game at the end of this year, along with the dragon exhibition and smartphone version. After that, we will develop more racing & training courses. And when the new year comes, we will start the tournaments to get ready for the Hydra Cup in Q2 2022. AR will come in Q3 2022.
In near future, let's take a look at our December's milestones to fully prepare for upcoming events below 👀 
▪︎ Alpha version
▪︎ IDO
▪︎ Releasing NFT
▪︎ Releasing NFT with AR
▪︎ Releasing Marketplace 
▪︎ Releasing Staking tokens 
▪︎ Releasing main game - Dragons training

Question3: Can you tell us about your token metrics and what incentives are available to investors when buying $HDV tokens? 
▪ Tracy Hoang:
 Sure! Would love to share our tokenomic. Hydraverse token's symbol is HDV, with a total supply of 500,000,000. Let me tell you a little bit about $HDV's utility
- Gacha buying
- Payment for transferring NFT dragons
- Payment for breeding and training packages
- Payment for dragon renting
When you play the game, you will mostly do all your activities with $HDV, from training, purchasing, staking, renting, joining tournaments... And we all know if a token has its utilities, it will bring investors more value as you play the game.

Dive in more: Here is the allocation & vesting schedule:
▪︎ Seed Rounds: 1.6% - 8% at TGE, 2 months cliff, 18 months of vesting
▪︎ Private Rounds - 8.6% - 12% at TGE, 2 months cliff, 17 months of vesting
▪︎ Public Round - 1.3% - multiple IDO launchpad

▪︎ 28.5% Play-to-Earn
▪︎ 5% Marketing + Partnership
▪︎ 15% Development
▪︎ 8% Community
▪︎ 20% Team + Advisor
▪︎ 12% Liquidity & Listing

Question4: A lot of projects are always talking about their strengths, while their token or coin prices are always going down. As one of the leaders of Hydraverse, would you dare say the difficulties that Hydraverse is facing and how long it will take to overcome it? 
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 Although we haven't IDOs yet, we know that prices can go up and down, along with new games that will create a lot of competition and difficulty for the project.

However, Hydraverse is sure with the community about the process of making the game as well as about the quality of the product, besides, we also have quality and reputable partners and KOLs to help in the operation process. Build the trust of the community from there and we will have a worthy and solid position in the market

Question5: Can you tell us if $HDV has been audited? as we know, smart contacts are very vulnerable to attack and to do check cost a lot of money. So can you tell us a little bit about that, because investors need to know?

▪︎ Tracy Hoang:

We understand your concern.

Since NFT games are now trending and people would love to take part in those, many projects had taken the advantage of that abandon the game, which may raise hackers and technical problems that can damage your interest. We are processing our audit confirmation on a reputable organization and expect to be fully verified in this November.

To conclude, here is how we protect Hydraverse from hacking and costing investors:
1. All computations related to Game Point, tokens, and NFTs are being processed on Server side and Onchain side (not on client side).
2. These treatments, before release, are fully tested for security and passed through a security audit of a reputable organization.
3. Hydraverse development team are engineers with years of blockchain experience as well as experienced game programmers (especially games related to finance and bonus points for users).

•Part 2 : Question from Twitter

Question1. HydraVerse says it will be holding a Hydra Cup race in December every year. What is the essence of this tournament and what does Hydraverse aim to achieve by organizing this tournament yearly? Who are those qualified to participate in this tournament?

▪︎ Tracy Hoang:

Every year HydraVerse will hold a Hydra Cup race in December, that's true.

The tournament brings together hundreds of riders selected through weekly and monthly races, honors and give our Dragon Trainers chances to compete, show their skills and win biggest prize in the game
 To have chance of winning the race, beside the dragon exhibition, you can breed & train your dragon, level up them to reach their best performance for the race. Also, the Marketplace will provide you equipment for your dragons to upgrade their statistics. Therefore, as long as your dragon is strong & fast with high staticstic, you will be able to win the race and join Hydra Cup in December.

We don't have a limit number for the amount of dragons you can own, as long as you can purchase them, the choice is on you.

Question2: Partnership is like a supplement where the combined effect is beyond the individual level. Can you name some of your recent partnerships that can help "Hydraverse'? Is there any partnership that will take place in the near future? Can you tell us with whom?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
We totally understand the important role of Marketing and Capital. Until now, we're eager to share your community about of latest partnerships - which are all well-known and reputable in this field..

We have lots of companies that will support us on our way to grow bigger but I can only name few of them: Safelaunch, Exnetwork, CCK Ventures, Roseon Finance, Almora Capital, Mr Kamran from BSC News as our marketing advisor, Mr Eric from Exnetwork as our strategic advisor...

Not only Vcs, and partners are being focus on, we're also having plan to create a strong and healthy community by hoding airdrop campaign and lots of minigame event before our IDOs. Let's join our channel to update our latest news

Question3: Recently, the wave of Blockchain Gaming, NFT and especially metaverse have become a blast in the crypto world. Being the very first metaverse dragon racing P2E game, how Hydraverse can bring users unique gaming experiences when comparing to other similar-typed projects?
 ▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 Hydraverse is a metaverse P2E dragon racing game of which both VR and AR technologies are applied components.

Dragon Trainers can see their adorable 3D dragons in real life through the camera or experience the most vivid sensation in fascinating races. Each dragon can be represented in reality via AR (augmented reality).

- Players can click on the dragon and show the view in reality through the camera. Or generate a QR code to send to friends, friends can also view their dragons in reality through that code.
- Players can experience the feeling of reality (VR) through the perspective of their own dragon. Put on your glasses for a better experience and see your dragon speed up to overcome other opponents or feel the vibrations when 2 dragons collide...

Of course we do have some small conditions to join the game, such as having your own Dragon. More details will be released later in our channel.

Question4: What is Hydraverse’s marketplace? Can you please tell me what exacly will you sell there?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 Hydraverse’s marketplace will have those items:
- Dragon's energy: when each dragon trains, it will lose energy. You can buy more energy to train them in the Marketplace or wait until they recover.
- Item used to awaken the dragon: can be found in the race or purchased in the Marketplace
- Food for dragons: increase exp.
- Open slots at the dragon display: fixed At first, Dragon exhibition (which can give you $HDV) will have only 3 slots, if you want more you need to buy them

Those are the things we would sell in the Marketplace. The version after IDO for players to earn will only have Dragons and Gacha, but we will update it frequently.

What other items do you think should appear on Marketplace? Suggest us, comment below

Question5: Renting a dragon is one of Hydraverse's distinctive characteristics, and there are two sorts of rentals: fixed-price rentals and profit-sharing rentals. Can you explain how to rent dragons and what we'll need first? Also, could you elaborate on the two sorts of rentals?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 Yes, I would love to explain more about our dragon renting features: Dragon owners can rent dragons through the Deposit Fund, players only need to post information about dragons, rental prices, and rental periods, the Deposit Fund will provide this information to those wishing to rent dragons. 
There are 2 types of rentals:
- Renting at a fixed price, the lessor will post a dragon rental for a fixed price, for a fixed period of time. If the tenant agrees to that price, they will rent.
- Profit-sharing rental: tenants do not have to pay fees when renting dragons, but will pay % of their profits through dragon races.
Beside renting, we do have more activities such as: breeding, training, racing, AR/VR waiting for our users to experience

•Part 3 : Question from Telegram

Question1: Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 Yes, we do. We're planning to have local groups for our users to share their thoughts in a better way. We will open groups in China, Japan, Korea, Russia, India, Indonesia,... and a lot more when we grow big enough.

Question2: Can we have some sneak peek or tutorial to join your game?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 Our full game will be released this December, it is still under working to make sure it will run smoothly when it comes to our users. But here, some sneak peek for Gem Mouse community, so you know we're almost finished our game. Here is a video cut from the race

Question3: Can you please explain your core gaming aspects such as Training/ Renting/ Staking/ Selling the NFT Dragons? What is the differences and benefits of each?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 Here are some details on the gaming activities:

- Training: Players complete their tasks, train the dragons to level up in the training area. So training tasks are like a mini-game in which the player could level up their dragons by increasing the experience points. On the training racecourse, it's also totally possible to earn some Dcoin. The training turn is limited each day, but then players can purchase it in the shop.

- Renting: Dragon owners can rent dragons through the Deposit Fund. There are two types of rentals:Renting at a fixed price & Profit-sharing rental

Question4: You have mentioned about the burning of HDV tokens. Can you please explain the rationale of burning and how it would improve the value of the token?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 We do have Burning plan for $HDV, and we plan to burn Hydraverse tokens as follows::
- Payment for the dragon races fee
- Buying back tokens

With this Burning plan, our token will keep its value, not suffer from inflation and attract investors.

Question5: A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how Hydraverse planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the Hydraverse team?
▪︎ Tracy Hoang:
 That's so true. Strong community counts!!!!!

But without the advancement of the state-of-the-art technology, we would not have created such incredile blockchain-based game.

Actually our team has a really strong blockchain back up development team with Chainos Solution. Our CTO - Toan Nguyen. He's Blockchain Leader at Chainos Solution who passionates in researching new technology. In Hydraverse, Toan takes charge of the core blockchain development.

Therefore, we believe that our professional tech stack will help develop the project beyond expectations.

GemMouse Community, if you would like to know more about Hydraverse! here are some useful links for you:
Official Website:

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