Does Ruby Gemstone is More expensive than green emerald stone why?

Ruby gemstone and emerald stone both acclaimed of being precious gemstones. The excellent color, cut and rarity make these stones desirable among the people. The ruby gemstone belongs to the family of corundum and comprised of aluminum and traces of iron. So, buy online ruby stone from

The precious or natural ruby gemstones or emerald stones are hard to retrieve and they are available in the scarcity. Hence, in the absence of natural rubies or emeralds stones, people prefer to purchase loose rubies or synthetic ruby gemstone. It is common to see people selling loose ruby stone for sale or Burma ruby for sale.Similarly, in case of emerald gemstone people appreciate of wearing loose emerald stones.

Now one question that hounds everyone that does ruby is more expensive than emerald stone? Or emerald stone being a precious stone is more expensive than the natural ruby gemstone.

The ruby stone belongs to the corundum family and it is composed of aluminum, iron minerals. Secondly, the mesmerizing red color of the ruby attracts most of the people toward it. Thus, it would not be exaggeration to say that natural ruby gemstone is more expensive than the precious stone emerald. Emerald stone belongs to the mineral family beryl.

And, it is composed of chromium and vanadium mineral. The fascinating green color emerald stone is also an expensive and precious gemstone. The auspicious gemstone belongs to the cosmic power Mercury. Wearing this stone brings true love, prosperity, luck, fortune and wealth to its wearer in a quick session of time.

Nonetheless, the ruby stone also belongs to the precious planet Sun. Sun being the conductive power in the universe is praised by everyone be it students, lovers, and businessman or job professionals. Ruby stone looks gorgeous when it is adopted it in the form of wedding rings or ruby gemstone engagement rings, necklace, pendants, bracelet. . As compare to emerald stone although, it is a popular and powerful stone but ruby gemstone is far ahead of it. Hence, it would be appropriate to say that ruby stone is more expensive than diamond and emerald stones.

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