I Literally Hate Almond Milk

I remember when almond milk first came onto the healthy eating scene. It was so. . .intriguing. And then I took one sip and realized just how much of a letdown it was. But it seemed like everybody was drinking it. So then I kind of pretended to like it for a few years. I know some of you are thinking, me too! Every time I poured it into my coffee, it was basically like I added vanilla flavored water. I went along with something just because it was the healthy and trendy thing to do. And I did it for way too long. I didn’t actually like the way almond milk tasted, but I was supposed to like it, right? Some of you might be thinking, But I love almond milk! It’s the best! And to you, I say rock on with your almond milk loving self. I just can’t hang.

But here’s my point: I spent a lot of unnecessary energy trying to adapt and adhere to (what I perceived as) a nutrition rule. At the time, I thought that almond milk was what healthy people chose instead of regular milk. And in fact, many did. But there were just as many healthy people who didn’t drink it. It’s like I had almond milk tunnel vision!

And that’s just it — that whole almond milk act wasn’t sustainable for me because it wasn’t enjoyable. I felt so deprived because all I wanted was some freaking half and half in my coffee. But I felt like I was bombarded with messages that said dairy = bad. I’m not sure when it clicked, but I eventually stopped buying almond milk. And you know what I pour into my coffee every morning these days? Glorious, wonderful, delicious half and half. Or heavy whipping cream if I’ve got it. (Seriously, try it. So good.)

Anyway, THAT’S the pearl of wisdom here: the best nutrition plan/workout style/fill-in-the-blank for you is one that you can stick with long term. This sort of sustainable approach beats out a strict, regimented approach every time because it’s doable and won’t make you insane. Sure, meal plans and programs can be great for some people in the short term, but you eventually need to just live your life.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have a dairy allergy. But if you do have an allergy and hate almond milk, I’ve tried (and liked) coconut milk, cashew milk, macadamia milk, and even pistachio milk!

So what’s the “almond milk” in your life? Any healthy food/trend you’ve tried and just can’t learn to love?