Plan The Best Engagement Ring Before Its Time To Ring The Wedding Bells

An engagement once used to be a surprising moment when you ideally got a diamond ring from the guy on his knees. With evolving relationships and changing trends, engagement today is a well planned occasion and most of the times, all the arrangements are made by the couple themselves for the entire event. While all the preparations go on, there is one most crucial task to accomplish- that is buying the engagement ring. If it was a surprise, the ring could be anything the guy picked randomly or meticulously. But for a planned engagement, you get all the time and options to go ahead and design your own emerald engagement ring you would want to wear forever. Why emerald we say? That’s because diamonds have become too stereotype, and there’s hardly any other gemstone that stays young through the years and stays as graceful and elegant as an emerald through different phases of your life.

If you intend to wear your engagement ring forever, there isn’t an option better than a self designed emerald ring. Keeping parameters like metal choice, design, stone carat and stone setting, you can design your own engagement ring and you will love it forever just the way you love your life partner.