Know The Miraculous Effects Of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone Ring

Amethyst is the rarest and most popular form of quartz around the world. The Human body is made of the 7 chakras and it is believed, that Amethyst stone open higher crown chakras. Magnificent Amethyst crystal is mysterious in nature. With the help of Amethyst stone, you can associate your energy with the energies of celestial bodies. If you are in any spiritual way, then the Amethyst crystal is a perfect tool for you. Amethyst stone will ignite the flames of your hidden supernatural power. Amethyst is embedded with mysterious powers and this crystal has a power to dispel negative vibes from an individual’s life.

Are you really fed up from your drinking habits? Then Amethyst stone is an ideal stone for you, as it ameliorates the effect of alcohol and detoxifies the body. The stone is used for spirit- release work or work related to death and birth.

Benefits of Amethyst Stone

· Amethyst is extremely powerful and protective crystal, embedded with high spiritual vibration.

· The Stone safeguard against psychic attacks, evil spirits and dispel negative thoughts from the mind.

· The human body is made up of seven chakras and Amethyst crystal is the gateway to all chakras of the body . It unblocks the Crown chakra for the serenity of mind.

· The crystal provides the clarity of vision, so that you can jump onto a right decision every time.

· It facilitates the decision making process, bringing in common sense and spiritual insights.

· Amethyst boosts self- confidence and removes social anxiety.

· Amethyst is a perfect tool for any spiritual works, it removes negative vibes from your aura and it with the positive ones.

· It opens the intuition and enhances the psychic gifts.

· Sleeping with amethyst crystal facilitates out of body experiences.