In your birth chart, if the moon is positioned at a place where no other planet is placed on either sides is known as Kemdrum Yoga. The moon in 2nd and 12th is very unfortunate.

If any planet is present then moon will not affect badly. It involve some of the positive effects too like the native will be respected and will be able to achieve success in his profession.


· The person will not be able to use his intelligence and knowledge.

· The native will not be able to attain good education.

· The person may face obstacles in everything he starts.

· The person will become rude and harsh.

· The person may face depression and isolation.

· The native will struggle a lot and may face poverty.

· The person will be upset from his married life.

· The native may choose wrong or immoral activities.

· The person will not be happy from his children.


· If the moon is aspect by 2 or more planets.

· If any planet occupy a house from the ascendant or the moon.

· If a house occupying Venus aspects Jupiter.

· The moon placed in its exalted sign i.e Taurus.

· If moon is in the sign of auspicious planet i.e Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.

· If moon is in the ascendant.

· If there is any planet in the centre, 2nd, 12th, 9th house from the moon.

· Moon is exalted in the 10th house.

· Full moon occupying ascendant with a benefic planet


· The person must observe fasts on Purnima.

· The native must worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together.

· Fasts started from Monday will be auspicious.

· The person should offer milk in any temple of Lord Shiva.

· The native must chant mantras of Lord Shiva twice a day.

· The native should worship Goddess Laxmi and offer water in a shell in any temple or at home. It will be auspicious.

· Donation of milk, Curd, water or rice to poor and needy will reduce the malefic effects.

· The person can wear a silver ring to give its cooling effect.

· The native must sprinkle Gangajal at home daily in the morning.

· The native can wear any rudraksha mala.

· The native should keep Sri Yantra embedded with pearl.

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