Mangal Dosha

The planet of Mars adversely affects on financial and married life. The person who is born with Mars in their 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house have Mangal Dosha. The person is said to be manglik.

Manglik dosha effects according to its level. The minor one is called Anshik Dosha and the major one is called Ekadhik Dosha. It is also called as Angaraka Dosha, Bhom Dosha and Kuja Dosha. Everyone should examine their horoscope by astrologers carefully.

About Mangal Dosh

· Both men and women can have this Dosha.

· People having minor dosha can sort it out after the age of eighteen years while people who are facing this Dosha double or triple times have to go through more hardships and remedies.

· Generally people are of high temperature under this dosha. The person is not able to start any new venture.

· People face problems in achieving success and good results. They have more enemies, they make themselves. People suffer from various uncured health problems.

EFECTS of Mangal Dosha

People who fall under this Dosha face many problems regarding marriage. Initially one is not able to find a match. One face fights and conflicts with life partner. One can lead his relationship to divorce and separation. The person is not happy and satisfied with their life partner. People serious difficulties in be getting children. Female holders are not able to conceive easily. The person does not earn well and lose properties. Sometimes, the person feels weak and lazy. The temperature of the mangal dosha holders is generally very high.

REMEDIES of Kuja Dosh

· The person who is suffering from Manglik dosha can reduce its effects by worshipping Lord Mangal on Tuesdays.

· The person suffering from ekadhik mangal dosha must do kumbha vivah. It is a normal hindu wedding but with a mud pot.

· The pot takes all the bad energy and evil things upon it and the manglik person gets freedom from this dosha.

· The person is now able to marry actual groom or bride.

· If any person is suffering from anshik mangal dosha, one should organize “Shanti pooja” in any temple.

· One can visit Navagraha temple for reducing the effects. It is considered auspicious for manglik people.

· One can keep fasts on Tuesdays on a regular basis.

· Worshipping Lord Vishnu is very worthy and auspicious.

· Chant mantras and visit Hanuman Temple for better results.

· One can wear particular gemstones advised by the astrologer.

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