Have you heard of tinfoil hats?

Conspiracy theories are a phenomenon that has always fascinated me.

Having spent a large proportion of my life studying science and the philosophy behind it I truly understand their appeal.

How do you know what is true and what is false in a world, in which every information you receive is conveyed to you by some form of medium?

Who do you trust? CNN,BBC, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Reuters, AP, DPA, your local newspaper, a government, your father, my instagram, a book, your friends ? Everyone has their own agenda.

When is a theory a conspiracy theory and when is it a plausible hypothesis ?

The line between fact and fabricated truth is thin and blurry.

Particularly if you understand that even scientific facts are just systematically repeated observations and that history is a record of audiovisual rumours.

The art of creating conspiracy theories is to weave a fine web of assumptions , claims and ideas that is spiced with carefully placed bits of empirical facts. The better the author, the harder it is to untangle the mesh of fact and fiction. Particularly for audiences unfamiliar with technical terms and unskilled or untrained in the art of reasoning

Did you for example know that Vitamin C increases resistance to oxidative stress and binds free radicals? That chia seeds increase longevity because of the abundance of protoendogenic omega-3 fatty acids in them ?

That northern-europeans statistically have a more expressed, prefrontal cortex when compared to subsaharan tribes, which makes the latter more prone to spontaneous, emotional reactions like laughter, anger and hysteria?

Did you know that there is a close link in between the incidence of trisomy 21 and the rejection of polio-vaccination?

That Adolf Hitler is in a secret Nazi Base called Neuschwabenland in Antarctica? That chemtrails are filled with microchips ? That the holocaust was invented by Israel, that Trump and the illuminati are controlling the weather and most importantly, that the only way to protect yourself from all of this mind-control is by wearing a tinfoil hat ?!

Mindblowing !

P.s.: I highly recommend watching The moon conspiracy if you enjoy laughing and crying at the same time.

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