HIV on the great wall of China


Where do I start ? Maybe by saying that I was happy to see these jolly, gay guys bravely demonstrating for equality. Believe it or not, but they actually looked like they were having the time of their lives. They were dancing, cheering and laughing. They gave out free hugs and twerked in the sun with skill and true passion.

Coming to think about it, they were probably high on adrenalin and scared to death of the possible repercussions of their little act. Their cheering and hugging did not look very officially-approved, but damn it, it felt good. Even I felt liberated after getting a hug, although I wasn’t even oppressed. But it did help with my grumpiness. If I am being honest, I really didn’t want to be on this old wall at 8am but needed to prove that I can get up in the morning.

But let us not kid ourselves. 8am is not my time and these gay men were not happy !

Imagine that the mere fact that you made love to someone, which really is the least evil act there is in the world, does not only give you a horrible, deadly disease, but also makes you an officially designated scapegoat for every frustrated, abusive and uneducated bully in this world.

That, in addition to possibly dying from a common cold and knowing that you might never make free love to whomever you wish again, it is now also okay to shun, discriminate and even assault you.

Some countries dislike you so much that they legally forbid you to travel to them.

That, my friends, is seriously fucked up !

It often amazes me how many time travellers have made it to our decade from the late 14th century without anyone noticing. They live among us and seamlessly blend in with the normal population. It is not until their prehistoric views on genders, sex and love are exposed that we can identify them. Unfortunately by then it is often too late.

They have spread countless fairytales about people being evil and personally responsible for suffering from deadly diseases. They have spread their views on how these people should be held accountable, instead of holding society accountable for not making education and prevention more accessible and/or enjoyable (because, let’s face it : do you know anyone who actually enjoys ! using condoms?!).

What they unfortunately did not do, is spread the more reasonable opinion that most diseases in the world have nothing to do with conscious, human decisions at all and are in fact very far beyond our control.
I recommend everyone to face it : Nature is really fucking complex and we are a bunch of naked monkeys in clothes.

That being said, it surprises me that I have not yet come across credible witchcraft practices to heal the HIV-monsters from their psychopathic confusion, or at least the odd, enjoyable HIV-freak show on television to pass the time. I suppose this is because the disease does not cause an interesting amount of visible physical or mental disfiguration, while most of the freak show broadcasting slots are already occupied with body-dismorphic disorders, the mentally-ill or other helpless individuals.

Although I do know that many of you are out there, working very hard to aid humanity in it’s transition from the dark ages into the 21st century, it”s scenes like this, that still make me wonder if I shouldn’t just give up on the current batch of humans, mind my own business, try not to talk to assholes and simply watch the world burn.
What do you think ?