Waiting on a Call

Interviews, the date that gets you a job.

In the past, interviews have always been my strong suit. You seem confident, answer quickly, no umm’s. That may not be the case anymore. After receiving a call and having an unexpected phone interview I realized I was rusty, but then again… what is an appropriate answer to, “What are some of your weaknesses?”

I never understood that question. Do they expect honesty? A nicely worded answer that really isn’t stating your weakness, but just more embellishments of your strengths.

I know I have weaknesses, but why share them with a potential employer?

What are some of my weaknesses? I will not even try to listen to you if you are speaking to me while I’m on the phone, or writing. It seems a thing of the past to give someone your full attention. They must expect every millenial to be able to listen and be on their phone. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Don’t plan on becoming one either. Wait til I’m finished, and then you may speak.

Weakness number 2. I am a perfectionist. From a recent conversation with my current employer, coworker and roommate this word has been thrown around quite a bit. Now, I’m no Monica but I do see where they are coming from. After studying the way something is done, it becomes obvious whether something is being done the most efficient way, or if it needs to be changed. Most of the time it needs to be changed.

“Work smart, not hard.”

Final weakness, that I’m willing to share, I can’t be yelled at. There is this stereotype about Latina’s being feisty, and let me tell you something about it… it’s completely true. The second someone raises their voice, I step back, brow’s furrowed, and the attitude comes out. This doesn’t happen every single time, but more than it should. And only recently. It is either that, or the tears start flowing. Either way, there is a chill pill that needs to be taken immediately. Especially if I’m going to be expecting calls from employers. *fingers crossed