Women in War

This, this is a woman that was part of the savage division of Russia. Back when there was an Ottoman Empire and they were at war with Russia for trying to seize control over land that was their’s. The Russian army needed soldiers, so as a result started enlisting women. They weren’t put into battle, but they were guards. This, of course, is never mentioned because keeping the women at home supporting the men at war is usually how it is written in history, but actually seeing an image like this is powerful. It isn’t just something that was said, that may or may not be true, but actual proof that women were able to do their part in the war. Especially so far back. This photo is from 1828. The United States didn’t allow women to join the military until 1917.

This image isn’t something you would have seen during those times. The one below is.

Women were supposed to behave lady like. Which included riding a horse side saddle. Always seen wearing gowns and top hats. This image was common. It was much easier to see a woman behaving the way that was expected than sharing an image of her looking powerful. The woman to the left also has an essence of strength, just not necessarily battle field ready. (She’d fall right off that horse) Promoting the idea that women were able to contribute in more ways than just staying home and canning the food was something society wasn’t ready for. Now that these images are easily accessible, and proof that women did contribute to the war, will they be displayed?

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