A brief introduction into SecureCloudNet Project

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May 18 · 3 min read

In the information age, cloud servers are essential. We rely heavily on the cloud for many everyday things that we do not always notice, but are there.

What is cloud computing?

The concept of cloud computing refers to the use of memory and the storage and computing capacity of computers and servers hosted in the Datacenter and interconnected through the Internet, following the principle of grid computing.

Lately, the number of coins with the function of masternodes and proof of stake has grown. To have a masternode, you need a VPS (Virtual Private Server), but what about a cryptocurrency that can unite the owners of masternodes to the best VPS? Meet Secure Cloud Net!

What is SecureCloudNet?

SecureCloudNet (SCN) is a blockchain project, that will become the leading exchange medium to purchase cloud services from a network of cloud service providers.


With Secure Cloud Net they offer a way for both the masternode owners and the cloud service provider to gain even more from the partnership. Secure Cloud Net will be a link between the cryptocurrency space and the cloud service providers.


The Team

The SCN Cryptocurrency team is composed of 9 people, trained in the areas of Technology Management, Blockchain and Marketing. They are available 24 hours a day, on social networks, responding to community doubts. You can find the LinkedIn of some of the members and get more information about their training.

Coin Specifications

The SCN project is 100% open source, with PoS (Proof of Stake) mining, with a maximum supply of about 16 Million (Low Supply). Structured in a robust network with masternodes.

With very low supply & inflation ( rewards ) $SCN is way too undervalued atm. SCN officialy became the Ultra Low Inflation Crypto Coin that their team always wanted it to be. Each day only 720 $SCN will be distributed/minted between Masternodes & PoS, which means that the block reward is only 0.5 $SCN.


The roadmap is divided, so far in this article, into 5 steps, corresponding to the years 2018 and 2019. The goals and objectives have all been achieved for the year 2018. They are striving to meet all goals for the year 2019. SCN will offer masternode hosting, VPS, web hosting and storage.

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