ASP.NET Core ve Razor View Engine ile Şablon E-Postalar

Razor Templating

Razor View Engine ile tipi belirttiğimiz;

@model RegistrationViewModel
<ItemGroup> <EmbeddedResource Include="templates\**\*.cshtml" Exclude="bin\**;obj\**;packages\**;@(EmbeddedResource)" /> </ItemGroup>
private readonly MailProvider _mailProvider; public MailController(MailProvider mailProvider) { _mailProvider = mailProvider; }
[HttpPost(nameof(SendAsync))] public async Task SendAsync([FromBody]RegistrationEmailViewModel message) { var messageBody = await _mailProvider.RenderMailViewAsync(ControllerContext, MailTemplate.RegistrationComplete, message); await _mailProvider.SendAsync(message.To, message.Subject, messageBody); }




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