Inviolable truths about the limits of technology govern every industry… until they don’t. “You can’t do that with client data” will soon be one of them…

Are consumer-grade camera manufacturers stupid?


And yet they have presided over a near total collapse in sales in the last decade, and are experiencing profit shrinkage of existential proportions, with some of them exiting the industry entirely, by selling their assets at what must surely be fire-sale prices.

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Consumer-grade camera sales have collapsed. How could the manufacturers sit back and just watch? Source.

This means they must have been watching the smartphone revolution and yet concluded they could either retain a profitable niche or perhaps even outlast it as a passing fad. …

In part one of this series, I introduced the idea of Confidential Computing:

But imagine such a technology existed. What could you practically do with it?Who cares? Why does it matter?

It turns out that two of the three “big” use-cases are insanely important and already rapidly reaching the mainstream. But the third is something entirely new. This third problem is also the focus of the forthcoming Conclave platform and I explain more below.

Interestingly, the three big chip firms who are most active in the Confidential Computing space — ARM, AMD and Intel — have come at this from intriguingly different angles. So I can use them to help frame the story. …

Reimagining the padlock in your browser

You’re probably reading this article in a web browser. And there’s probably a little padlock on the address bar somewhere. This is how you know you’re “secure”.

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We’ve all been trained to “check for the padlock”. But how many of us ever think about what it means and what protections it provides?

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what that actually means? Secure in what way? What does that padlock actually represent? What protection is it giving you? What bad things could happen to you if the padlock wasn’t there?

And in any case, isn’t there a padlock when you browse to sites like Facebook? And yet aren’t they appearing in the news every day accused of “selling” or “misusing” your data? …


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