IA#4 : Museum Visit 1

Museum — A building or institution dedicated to the acquisition, conservation, study, exhibition, and educational interpretation of objects having scientific, historical, cultural or artistic value.

If you’re looking for a place to date, Museums are one of the best places to visit. Having a visit in a museum makes you and your partner exchange and share perceptions, knowledge, and ideas about the arts and masterpieces of renowned artists.

Just about few Lrt1 stations or one jeepney drive and several mintues of walk away from my dorm, me and my girlfriend managed to visit National Museum of the Philippines.

Me, trying to do an Instagram worthy pose in front of the museum.

Upon arriving at the museum, we also numerous students and other people visit the museum. They also do crazy poses even though it is prohibited inside and we can’t do anything about that anymore.

The Spoliarium by Juan Luna

The Spoliarium by Juan Luna Y Novicio and made from oil on canvas welcomes you as you enter the gallery. This painting which stands at 4 meters in height and 7 meters in length tries to show Romanticism. In the painting, it portrays fallen gladiatiors being disposed upon their defeat and being dragged by the Roman soldiers. This masterpiece makes the Philippines get known all across Europe during the 19th century and also make Jose Rizal gave toast to the notable painter.

As I gazed upon the huge painting, the message that it tries to tell me is the situation of Philippines during its Spanish Colonial era. Wherein Spanish people makes entertainment from the brave and bold Filipinos as they murder each other to death. Roman guards, which symbolizes the spanish soldiers dragged these defeated and cannot be used Filipino champions to their own lairs as they decompose. It tells that Filipinos (which is the gladiators) are brave and can overthrow the Spaniards (the Roman soldiers) but they’re still ignorant to know that through their great strenght, they can make these conquistadors go back to their own respective country and liberate the Philippines.

Another painting that caught my attention is the El Gobernador Y El Obispo by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo which is made from oil on canvas.

El Gobernador Y El Obispo by Felix Hidalgo

My attention was caught by this painting because of the presence of the friar in the Gobernador’s office. Which is quite symbolic from our present government. Not being a hater of the Roman Catholic religion here in the Philippines but what I hate is the Catholic institutions here in the country. The painting shows that the government is just a puppet of the priests. They can’t make laws because it violates or it doesn’t follow what these priests wants. They’ll tell and the goverment will follow. This painting shows the Spanish provincial administration here in the country. That the administration is just a puppet of the friars and also the obvious placings of cathedrals near the city halls.

Another painting that caught me is the painting of Juan Luna again which is entitled “Philippine Scenes” and made from oil on panel

One of the paintings from the “Philippines Scenes” by Juan Luna

My views from this painting is that it tries to show the scenary of Filipino life during the 19th century. Wherein Filipinos are inferior and they only do the hard works while the Spaniards are sitting pretty from their azoteas as they’re waiting for a their freshly cooked fish catched by Filipinos. It shows that Filipinos back then are just low classed members of the society. That they’re too stupid and being called as “indio” and they’re not civilized. It shows that Filipinos are foreigners from their own land.

This painting also captures my attention as it gives me information from the courtmanship back then.

Un Idilio en la Azotea by Roman Faustino

This painting was made by Roman Faustino which is entitled “Un Idilio en la Azotea” and made from oil on canvas.

This shows the courtship back then was a big formal event. It also shows that meztizos or Filipino — Spanish People are capable to own mansions thus they can also posses great fortune and have a reputable position in the community. It also shows that courtship back then was much more WAY DIFFERENT from now. That you must be date your girl AT THEIR HOUSE and not at mall or market during that time. Only the base that you can reach is the first base if you’re lucky enough to have it. Therefore our generation is both lucky and unlucky that we don’t pratice this act of courtship now. We’re lucky that the iron fist was somehow lifted up and we’ve got more freedom and unlucky because of this freedom which worries a lot of dad whenever there’s a guy courting their princesses.

As I traversed from the halls of the galleries, it makes me realize that Art and Culture are related. The relations wherein the current culture will reflect the current art during that time period.

Me, trying to do a dramatic pose by the window

That art is the mirror of the era, whatever might be the concept or the idea of the artist, it still reflect the culture during the era. Even if the artist is fond of making space or futuristic paintings, well, it still reflect the culture of the era.

Another painting that I admired is the Man with a Hoe by Juvenal Sansó that was made from oil on masonite.

Man with a Hoe by Juvenal Sansó

My view from this painting that it is composed of symbollisms. Symbollisms wherein a hoe (a bitch or a slut) and an unfortunate man. These portrays that having a relationship with a hoe would lead you to miserable life. It destroys you emotionally because this hoe ain’t loyal and she’s having sex with different guys also it destroys you financially because this hoe needs maintenance to prolonged her function and her needs. A hoe will give you drought and famine, but love is so powerful that it makes you go blind from the truth and makes you cling from the thorns.

Another painting that I like is the work of Emilio Aguilar Cruz which is entitled Mother and Child made from oil on canvas.

Mother and Child by Emilio Aguilar Cruz

There’s this passage from the Dark Brotherhood (a Skyrim reference) that says; “what is life’s greatest illusion? Innocence my brother.” As we can see from the contrasting background of this painting. The darkness of the painting symbolize the darkness of the world. The mother protects her daughter from the darkness that might destroy her innocent from this god forsakened world. Sadly, nowadays mothers are the one who placed their daughters from the darkness to earn profit from their body (child pornography and prostitution). They don’t care what will happen to their daughter as long as they earn money from their daughter’s services. This painting wanted to tell us that the Mothers should and must protect their child from the darkness that surrounds them and also make them prepared for the right time to face it and be the light that will make the darkness disappear.

The painting of Pablo Baens Santos which is entitled Congratulations to the Liberal Democrats and made from oil on canvas.

Congratulations to the Liberal Democrats by Pablo Baens Santos

This painting shows how the Filipinos celebrated freedom and also political victory against the tyranny of the late dictator and President Ferdinand Marcos. Way back then, Aquinos symbolise hope among Filipino People. That when an Aquino become a leader to this country, we’re all in good hands. Unfortunately, OH GOD NO YOU PEOPLE ARE SO WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS! Our economy or the value of Philippine Pesos did raise back then however there’s no development in the country. It’s funny to think that there are Filipinos that looks to the Yellow Administration as a symbol of hope for the country. The Filipino Nationhood is strong way back then that even up to now, there are still believing that yellow politicians are good politicians. They don’t know that hope doesn’t rests within this yellow people. They don’t know that the development of our country is within their selves. Even there’s no Aquino or any yellow people, we can make any dictator run away for their lives. Filipino Nationhood will ignite the development of our country. That we share the common history and common culture as we learn the true identity of a Filipino is already enough to support the development of the country even there’s the most corrupt government or officials. Only unity would make this country great again.

Excuse me for ranting, last but not the least is this paiting of Fernando Cueto also caught my eye. It is entitled Sunset and made from oil on canvas.

Sunset by Fernando Cueto

What I think that this painting wanted to tell us is the lifestyle of Filipinos back then. Even through modernization of our country, it’s still the same lifestyle even up to now. The father will go farther than the coast to fish and sell it in the market while the his family would be left behind waiting for him to return. It also shows that how our OFWs make a very risky decision and huge sacrifices to leave their homes and their famillies to fish on foreign seas. It shows that way back before, Filipinos are already travelers and seafarers that no wonder why so many Filipinos nowadays like to loiter around the world. It also a wonder why these fishermen fish by the sunset rather than the sunrise where they’ll have dark skies and high tides. They might get a plentiful of fishes during nighttimes but who knows? Maybe the sunset symbolized death wherein this poor child will never see her father again.

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