IA#5: Honor Thy Father

From the richest to the poorest, the film portrays humanity as sinners, ready to pounce on each other at the slightest of opportunities. — Rappler

Church of Yeshua, the name of the religion that is portrayed in the film. Like a typical religious Filipino, they’re all clinging to the idea that God will provide or siya na bahala.

The role of the religion specifically for Kaye is to make sure a grounded person. Following her beliefs, staying faithful no matter what kind of situation she’s in. While for Edgar, at first he was compliant on the teachings and ways of their religion. He’s not totally “in” to their religion. As the movie goes, the role of their religion gets weaker to these couples.

Being placed in a tight spot, where the need for survival arise as the need of greed arise. The movie is quite controversial that it hits the words from the sermon of Pope Francis that “It is better to be an atheist than a hypocritical catholic.” One of the characters in the movie said that “nagpapakabanal sila, pero napaka gahaman naman, sino ba ako para manghusga?” Situations created a call for desperate measures for desperate time. Their morality that their religion should shaped, had been.. getting out of shape. Even their own co-parishoners threatened the two couple. Their getting hesitant that they’re saying “Tangina, totoo pa ba tong inaattendan namin o kalokohan nalang ito?”

The practice of Church of Yeshua is the most easiest and most bullshit way to become a billionaire (I’m looking at the movie’s “bishop”). Like a typical preaching group, that the power of “yeshua” will help you to your problem. Kaya you should donate a large amount of money so that your sins will be forgiven and a great blessing will be bestowed by yeshua unto you. A narrow minded fortunate man that is very religious that he or she believe that yeshua gave its riches and not because of his or her hardwork and attitude can be a easy prey for in this type of religion. They collect donations so that a beautiful church would be built in a far away location. The practice of this certain religion is a great bulshittery towards to the poor and also rich religious people.

This film will open your mind and I hope you won’t be hesitant to any religion or religious group you’re belong with. We, Filipinos are known to be religious and very strict following the teachings of the bible. It has a conflict theory that were Carl Marx would be very happy. The “greed fuels the amorality of the rich, while the poor act for survival.” — Rappler. It’s a great eye opener for all of Filipino people who are known to be very religious. This film would teach us to have an open mind and be observant on any religious instutions that are established on the different parts of the country. To wrapped it all up, it’s a 10/10 and very wow.

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